No I did not die and go to student nurse heaven!

Hello! *waves* I am ~y alive! (: It has been too all a~ since I’ve given an update and I plead in defence to those who like to examine my blog from time to time. But things desire been HECTIC this semester. My further semester is only 3 months spun out. So that means there’s been a entire lot of CRAMMING going on. But supposition what, it’s almost over. Classes end in 8 days!! I can’t believe it!


Studying ūüôĀ

So, my promote semester consisted of a whole hazard of studying. There seemed to subsist quizzes and exams every week, mini assignments befitting every time you blink an perforation and projects out the wahzoo. It’s been a whirlwind to say the least, but it direct pay off. My favorite class this semester was psychiatric nursing. I delight in to chat with people, and intellectual illness is fascinating to me. To read about how psychiatric illnesses manifest and afterwards see how it presents in a clinical setting is awesome.

A accept the offer second is med-surg.¬†The progress itself is¬†slightly difficult because you’re reviewing a fashion of body systems in a laconic amount of time. But clinical was so¬†rewarding. I’ve gotten to subsist charge nurse, spent a day in interventional radiology (IR), exhausted another day in the OR,¬†and make cylindrical with the wound care nurse.¬†Charge nourish at the breast was cool, but slightly hectic.¬†It is what it sounds like…you’re in charge, not singly of you and your patient(s) yet also in charge of¬†everyone otherwise. That’s the only thing I did not like. I like to take bond of duty for me, myself and I. But by good luck I have a good clinical assemblage and nothing major happened during my chicanery. It was all smooth sailing. IR¬†was awesome. I got¬†to notice a¬†kyphoplasty. It.was.intense. Especially at the time that the patient screamed right when the¬†surgeon was hammering¬†the rumbling tube deeper into his spine. I’d deliberation the patient was¬†completely knocked wanting up until that point. It sent shivers downward my back. Luckily the nurse was up~ the body hand to administer more meds. He didn’t contribute another peep until it was time to wake¬†him up.¬†¬†The OR was level more intense. I got to perceive a few lung biopsies, a hemmroidectomy, penile prosthesis surgery (aka penis pump surgery) and hernia repair surgery. I felt like I was a concern of Grey’s Anatomy that twenty-four hours!

Behold the OR.

Just recently my rank took a tour of the Al Cannon Sherriff’s Detention Center. It was ~y interesting field trip to say the smallest. We got to tour inside the A1 unit, which is a behavioral unit (a penitentiary inside of a jail). These are to which place all the inmates who break the rules whilst within the jail come. It’s basically solidary incarceration. Kinda sad. Their showers were NASTY…it was like rusted iron every part of over the place, with creaky iron doors by vertical bars so that you be able to still see them while taking a shower.

Go directly to jail. Do not pass GO. Do not deduce $200!

They did have a fine concrete “yard”, which is nothing like the yards you perceive in movies. It’s basically condign a slab of concrete and 4 walls through small openings just large enough to lease the sunlight in. Even though you memorize free meals and medications every sunlight, jail is NOT where it’s at, admitting that you’re an inmate. However, on the supposition that you’re a nurse, you fall pretty good benefits. We listened to ~y almost 2 hour lecture about by what means good a fit¬†correctional nursing is with a view to one of the unit managers of the infirmary. She made a worthy point though; you see a inconsiderable bit of everything in the jail. Juveniles, pregnancies, traumas, chronic illnesses, etc.

In the middle of all of the chaos, I was selected against a job at the VA hospital similar to a student nurse technician. I am STILL filling lacking paperwork but¬†I am so excited to set out. So, as most of you apprehend, I¬†was pretty much against laboring during school. There¬†still isn’t enough time in my schedule between economize, child, school, clinicals, housework,¬†supplemental curricular activities, etc. BUT, being a scholar nurse tech, you basically get to pick out your hours. You can work to the degree that little as¬†8 hours per pay full stop or as much as 40 hours for pay period. The object here is not to fashion a ton of cash, but rather¬†sum up to my learning experience¬†while I am always a student. If there wasn’t each option of flexibility, I would be delivered of said no. But¬†I’m in the same state grateful for the opportunity to be steadfast serving veterans after my semester is in excess. They have truly made me the bookish man nurse I am today. You desire never find a population more giving, and during that I am very¬†grateful.

Nurse Corps Scholarship Update: I got my credit checked hold out week on the 29th of July from CREDCO, that is on behalf of HRSA. I am SO excited to conceive some type of progress on my industry. I have a feeling this week choose be the week that I regard good news, although I don’t straits to jinx it. I probably exhausted TOO much time on my essays, which I think reflect what type of person I am and my vehement desire for serving underrepresented populations. My GPA was slammin’ and my approbation letters were steller. I will subsist so bummed if they don’t collect me, but I am working without interrupti~ my plan C if that happens. But we’ll pettish that road if we get to that dot. I will be checking my email this week like a furious woman. Stay tuned! (:
India Trip Update: I am mild working on getting supplies donated to my dispose to take with us on our misstep! It has been kind of wearying trying to do that and work out school work as well, but ~ or other I’ll manage. I also sharp a topic that I want to educate the girls at Binapani Ashram; ~writing hygiene. I have to make a¬†poster¬†that pertains to my poultice for the girls there. My instructor will translate what I say into their native Bengali language. I am also backward to do a little¬†hand science of health exercise for them but haven’t had enough time to believe it through yet…¬†Only 4 again months until I fly out! It leave be here before I know it! Keep checking in with me to get the latest ~ward my progress!

Set to act out after class!

Typical Breakfast.

So…for what cause the heck did I survive 2nd semester? One expression.. SNACKS. And lots of them…But I had to in opposition to all of the added calories through working out in order to support my weight. I try to work out at least 3x a week, on the other hand sometimes I fail to do that…*mourn* life is hard sometimes. But it feels veritably good to let some of that tenseness from school and the daily bruise just melt away while running mile for mile. Other¬†stress relievers are expenditure time with my family. I’ve been doing that a destiny more than I did last semester. Family is of moment.¬†No matter what, do not impediment school consume your life. In matter of fact, there are much bigger problems in the cosmos than failing your pharmacology ATI proof (yes, I failed miserably) or worrying concerning the mountains of assignments you obtain to complete. For me, it aggregate wouldn’t be possible if I didn’t be under the necessity my family by my side. Live by reason of the moment, and take it day by day. Breathe. Pray. Repeat.¬†¬†¬†

Taipei, my other infant.!


One of ~ persons beach days with Jaiden!


Enjoying my incorporated town! Yes, I took this picture myself (:


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