Marijuana May Turn Off DNA Linked To Skin Cancer and Allergies

Researchers statement ingredients in marijuana may be accomplished to interfere with harmful DNA briskness in skin cells.

Marijuana may be the key to treating a spacious range of skin diseases at the gene condition, according to new research from Italy.

The study, published online in the British Journal of Pharmacology, shows that chemicals in marijuana esteem the potential to stop harmful DNA mode of action that underlies diseases like skin cancer and allergies.

    “Our tools and materials may lead to the development of preventive medicines, for example aimed at controlling allergic reactions, or to the design of modern and more effective treatments for skin cancer.”

Certain genetic factors are believed to personate a character a role in the uncontrollable expansion of skin cells – a lock opener characteristic of many disorders.

But a rank of chemicals produced by marijuana called cannabinoids appears to gain an unique ability of switching them off.

    “Plant-derived cannabinoids that are not present of psychoactive effects may be serviceable candidates for these applications.”

In the study, researchers recorded the effects of three cannabinoids – cannabidiol (CBD), cannabigerol (CBG) and cannabidivarin (CBV) 

on human skin cell lines.

CBD was ground to be the most effective at targeting unwanted DNA mode of action, followed by CBG.

While THC has too been suggested as an effective therapy notwithstanding skin allergies, research is beginning to converging-point on compounds in marijuana that can’t earn you high – which may have ~ing more appealing to patients.

The authors also conclude that the potential to switch done gene activity may “extend well-on the other side of skin disorders” to diseases like multiple sclerosis and other forms of cancer.

The study was published in front of print and received funding from 

GW Pharmaceuticals

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