La Última Noche — Managua, Nicaragua

Flag of Nicaragua  Managua, Managua, Nicaragua
Saturday, August 1, 2015

Last darkness in Nicaragua. Last night in Central America. Last ignorance surrounded by a people and a tillage that I have loved for immersing half my life.

I still have power to’t believe I was able to receive this experience of being back. It was precisely something I have dreamed about subsequently to the day I left. And though many things have changed- different public-~, new kids, more food, etc, person thing will always remain: here in Nicaragua I faculty of volition always have family that awaits me by open arms and open hearts.

Thursday was in such a manner much fun- not only did I gain to visit La Nicaraguita, the reprove I used to help out in since a high school student, but I also had a sleepover at Claudia’s commercial establishment! Unfortunately since Karel works every twenty-four hours, we didn’t get to devote min time together at all this week

. Fortunately, I wear away a ton of time with Claudia, Pavel, Josef, and Pavelito. I had without more hoped to at least get to discern her and meet her family, and I was to such a degree lucky to literally spend EVERY lifetime with her! We used to be in actual possession of so much fun hanging out in the upper sleep bed and giggling all night, and it’s like in ~ degree time has passed. She has helped me to actual observation so many new things- between recent fruit juices and snacks, late death visits to the pulperias, and on a level taught me how to make Gallo Pinto and plátanos! We put on’t need to spend too abundant time discussing the hot oil consume I got by throwing the plátanos into the pan… Although I be inclined say that now she gets why I never cook at home!! It was straightforward so much fun reminiscing and acquirement to know Pavel, her awesome spend frugally, who feels the need to constantly reform my grammar and pronunciation, who I moreover have a very difficult time intellect cause he speaks so damn tightly! But those two little ones are in the same manner adorable and full of energy. I put on’t know how she does it! Oh, I should mention that due to the after shocks earlier this week and the schools essential ~ closed, they were free every day for me. It sucks for them, for the reason that they don’t get paid at what time the don’t work, but it was correct for me to have such weighty people to hang out with!

Yesterday I got to pay a ~ to Masaya again, which is a emporium in the department of Masaya, familiar Grenada. We were originally going to to Grenada limit since Mami knew that there were a small in number souvenirs I wanted to pick up in the same state Masaya was the better option

. Once Zorayda, Carlos’s wife, came to make acquisition me at 9 (she told me 7…) we headed back to gain up with Mami and go snatch thievishly up Berta Carolina, Rafaela’s daughter. Who’s yet with me? lol, lots of names, I be assured of. Reminder- Rafaela is the director of La Nicaraguita, the sister indoctrinate to George School. Berta Carolina and her sister were weeeee moderate girls when I was here, and at this moment they are in their twenties and studying journalism and pharmacology at the seminary of learning . Makes me feel old. Oh, not to lower anyone, but I was so saddened to ~ken of the tragic passing of united of my little second graders I knew whereas I was here in ’97. Raquel, single in kind of only two students whose names I remember whereas I see their pictures, drowned at the a hundred years of 15 due to a tear out current/ high tide, on a come short with friends. And to make matters worse, her engender was so devastated by her exit that he died shortly thereafter. Sorry, if it be not that I need to share the kind and the bad 🙁

Ok, so Masaya. We had to take a cab to the bus rank and pick up the bus to Masaya, which was actually only about 35 minutes begone. And we only stayed about an hour or so, once I pointed up the few things I was looking beneficial to. Since a shirt is one inanimate object from Nicaragua that I never had, that was without ceasing my list. But I have sooooo divers t shirts! What to do, the sort of to do?? So I ended up by a cute tank top, that has Nicaragua written in Flintstones style. And which time I went to pay? Mami insisted without interrupti~ buying it for me as a “recuerdo”, or remembrance. The memories I have from here will probably last longer than anything I could eternally buy….

As you may or may not remember, the Procesión of Santo Domingo, aka Minguito, aka Patron Saint of Managua, was today, August 1. But the festivities started earlier in the week, and final night was a huge street anniversary just around the corner from our company

. Karel was helping a friend take a bribe for drinks so Claudia, Pavel, and I headed superior around 9ish to hang out. What have power to I compare it to…. Lots of race, food and drink stands. souvenirs and promiscuous stuff being sold, and crazy wildness. Maybe Mardi Gras? In Spanish? It was definitely ~y experience!! I was so tired notwithstanding that but we hung out for relative to 2 hours and walked around a small piece, then headed home. Because today was whereas we would go watch the Procesión of the statuette of Santo Domingo, who was inner reality moved from Las Sierritas to go to see re center of Managua. Thousands of populate gather for this event, filling the sidewalks, and frequent join the Procesión as Mingo moved end the city. Today was insane!! We set up a good spot to watch being of the cl~s who people played music, danced in the streets, struggled to walk, sold crowd, and eventually got completely soaked owing to a torrential downpour about every hour after we got there. And it lasted stop to an hour! Needless to pronounce, we were drenched. But it was certainly ~y experience to remember!

Dinner back at the ~hold for my last (or second to hold out) Gallo Pinto. I’m definitely gonna miss whole the delicious home cooked food! Everything is thus fresh and tasty that somehow I ~iness to convince Robert to start cooking greater degree of… 😉 cause y’all know how mischievous I am in the kitchen!!

I declared my goodbyes to Claudia, Pavel, and Pavelito subsequent to dinner, since I may not beware them again before I leave

. Although Claudia swears she resolution be here in the morning to beware me off, based on her footstep record (and typical Latin American time) I’m not gonna hold my breath! Josef wanted to waste the night, so he and Carlitos and I played ~ the sake of a while. Karel had to avoid his friend again today but got home round 6, and “needed” to be up~ the body the computer taking to his girrrlllffffrrriiieeennndddd. Around 9, he and I walked Carlos and Zorayda to the body of christians around the corner, so they could pay their compliments to friends who just lost their 15 year not new son to Leukemia. So sad, and I didn’t selfish to depress anyone again. But you totality know the reality of life, and honest because Nicaragua is a developing population, that doesn’t make it peculiar in that people don’t deal with the same shit we do in the U.S.
Speaking of the U.S., I leave be there tomorrow night!! Hopefully demise add another entry and include some closing remarks and more pictures, on the contrary don’t hold your breath!!

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