Is there anything wrong with this combination?

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hey, the first lump of matter is I’m assuming you’re every AS student. Most people take four with equal rea~n you might want to take another one (Have you looked at maths? You employment it a lot in chemistry and be it so I haven’t looked at any of those specific degrees I’m fairly existing unis would prefer it if you did maths- even if don’t do something you be hostile to.)
I don’t think it’s each odd combination. Unusual maybe but not eccentric and I know quite a scarcely any people who took 2 science subjects and any other completely different one (The most unwonted being maths chemistry and art). I did the same.
It’s serene important to say that- if you perform want to do law- most places paradoxically elect you not to have taken law (don’t ask me why) and various places don’t consider it for the re~on that “respected”. That doesn’t mean its automatically a untoward idea and asyou’re already doing chemistry and biology I highly doubt they’d be too concerned. As you asked it to all appearance doesnt matter and if its somebody you really want to do hereafter go for it.
One last occurrence. I took OCR biology AS. It’s neat much all plants- SO BORING

Thank you by reason of your reply! Well, I’m touching to start in September, and on this account that of the new linear course make, I’m unable to drop anything to some AS level. So if I make choice of 4, I have to stick by 4 or drop 1 entirely. So it’s a huge pain! Yeah I was considering doing maths or physics as a fourth. Or maybe story, so I can pair that with law and pair chemistry with biology. I’m drifting added towards maths or physics though I conclude.

I don’t think I’ll keep on Law any further after A flush. It’s unlikely I will. I wanted to answer it because I think I’d conclude well in it and look else appealing to universities when applying.

So yes, thank you. And about the biology, I’m dreading the plants! Although whether I really hated it I in all probability wouldn’t do biology, as I was told that a beneficent amount of it would be engender based. Was it difficult for you at entirely, may I ask?

Because your dimply pelt is utilized, there is certainly minimal disparity of the body’s rejecting it, in the same manner with can often happen any time a extraneous substance is needed.

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