Welcome to your abet year of medical school! I expectancy you took the summer to take recreation and recharge and are ready to array up for some new challenges. I cast year 2 to be incredibly perplexing, especially the first few months. Immuno, microbiology, and pharmacology are courses with a huge amount of stuff delivered in the shortest time possible. It is helpful to understand the kind of you are in for, what to rely upon, so you can attack these next few months with the appropriate footing up of intensity.

It starts with immunology. I in fact enjoyed this subject along with the call for of tackling it in one direct week. I did very well forward the exam and rode that undulate through micro. I was pretty plenteous convinced that I had figured out the secret to acing medical place of education. It turned out to be a compendious-lived period, limited by my readiness to maintain that level of motivation. Regardless, it happened and it rocked; and I determine share with you all of my evanescent insights.

I don’t want to fright you but, I’m about to utter some scary things anyway. Year 2 is remarkably hard. Compared to last year, in that place will be roughly 4x more weighty. Notes you used to cover in individual month will be tested on inside one week. You are rested from the summer and you are adroit! Pump yourself up as much as you can to kick off year 2 for it’s hardest in the before anything else few months and you need a LOT of motivation to kick some butt!

First things first, I waiting under the possibility of fulfilment that you spent a little scintilla of time with the book Immunology: A Short Course ~ means of Richard Coico. If not, that’s OK. Go class over to Amazon and overnight ship it to your ~hold. Immediately. If you only buy any book during your entire second year, obstruction it be this one. You exigency to read as much of this work as possible. It does a large job of reinforcing the concepts stretched in class. Do all of the constant exercise questions at the end of both chapter. You should strive to lay away up with lecture material while following beside with this book. You will subsist an expert in immunology by the period of it and that will ordained you up for success in micro, pathophys, and step 1.

Insight #2: your admonish day is not over at the extremity of class. When you are completed streaming or when class is through, take as small of a disobey as you can. No more than common hour, you do not want to bewilder your momentum. Sit down with the lectures you just heard and review them. Go through them meticulously and synthesize the denunciation presented to you. Draw diagrams, shape tables, reorganize the information so that it fits ~ward one page. Do whatever you like to rework the denunciation in each lecture. The sooner you work this after class, the better. You fustiness be disciplined at the start of backer year to be successful. I was working at least 12 hours a light of ~. Usually until around 11pm. It be inclined push your limits immensely, but it is inevitable! Work to review these condensed notes with regard to a second time the following day. Even a quick run-through be able to keep things fresh and takes MUCH ~ amount energy than if you wait a copulate days.

Insight #3: go to scold. I know, I know. If you asked me for the time of first year I would have VEHEMENTLY argued to counterbalance going to class. I lived an hour away from Wayne during my primitive and second year. I was a streamer through and through and argued the object to anyone who asked. However, inferior year you have far more scolding to get through. You know from capital year that the lectures to stream amass up before you know it. It’s hard to be understood to push yourself through it! Physically going to class allows you to better set yourself up by reason of success. It is one less action taxing on your reserve of leave power and motivation – and a bulky one at that. I realized that I would achieve exam questions right because I remembered sense of ~ it in class. Something about core there in person created a stronger synapse in my narrow brain. Take this for what it’s ~iness. My exam scores shot up ~ the agency of 20% during the first few exams. On average over the course of the year, I was scoring consistently 10% improvement on exams. Try it for 2 weeks and inquire if it works for you.

Insight #4: continually be experimenting. Every exam is a unused opportunity for you to test a unused method of studying or a unaccustomed approach to learning. Exams are frequent enough that you can change things up and learn considerably quickly what works for you and the sort of doesn’t. Use this to your advantage!

Please do not hesitate to span out to myself or your 3rd year mentors. This is a assuming transition and it can be challenging. We are in the present life to help you out, we signed up notwithstanding it! Use us!

Welcome back and most excellent of luck!

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