Anesthesiology: take 2

  I spent a month doing an anesthesiology course round in Oklahoma. For residency (post-med place of education training for doctors), we have to lay upon and interview. It helps if you use up a month working at the programs you’re prejudiced in, because then when they conference you, you aren’t just someone they’ve met forward paper. So, I did a month at each Oklahoma residency I am interested in on this account that anesthesiology. 

It. Was. Amazing. I was ingenious to see some incredible surgeries, be with amazing physicians, and learn a TON ready what it means to be an anesthesiologist/anesthesia resident. I loved the program inasmuch as it’s smaller and the residents overall ~ by heart a lot of responsibility and self-legislation. This particular program also sees a fate of cardiac cases (special to me on this account that a) super interesting and complex patients and b) hubby has a congenital heart defect). I really enjoyed the Attending physicians and in what state they interacted with the residents, and I truly liked the balance of anesthesiology and other services (ICU, cordial, pulmonology) during intern year of residency (this program has touching 6 months of anesthesiology first year, to which place other programs have much less). Before I left, some of the residents pulled me aloof and told me they thought I would subsist a great fit for the program. I for ever bake something for my Attendings according to the rotations I enjoy, so this time I tried a unused recipe! I made toffee butterscotch pecan cookies… And the Program Director (interpret: head honcho) told me they were “judge to be guilty good” and if I “constitution these for him every week, I wish a spot at their program.” So I liking the program and *hopefully* they loved me! So, why anesthesiology?
In short, I love it. 
I fondness the physiology (how stuff works) and pharmacology (in what condition drugs work) from anesthesiology and how things can change super fast in the operating room… Anesthesiologists get to think quickly on their feet and compose changes at a moment’s heed. It’s fast-paced and exciting! For those sort reasons, anesthesiology is very intellectually stimulating. On my third year rotations (aside from my radiology Attending who was a human encyclopedia) the Anesthesiologists have by far been the most knowledgeable members of the team whereas it comes to how the material part works. I’ve always had a mysterious respect for their knowledge base, with equal rea~n the thought of getting to rap into that and develop my possess excites me. If you read my situation about my very first third year succession, surgery, you know I absolutely LOVE reality in the operating room and acting with surgeons. In that sense, anesthesia is accomplished because I get to do both of those things full time! I lover small procedures too, and got to translate quite a bit while on my order in Oklahoma. I also love working on one patient at a time, completely dedicated to their care. It’s furthermore just really cool to help the sick person stay calm before surgery and operate behind our little anesthesiology curtain, using our necromantic to keep the patient alive… Kinda like the Wizard of Oz! 
Another tug to the field is patient preservation. Obviously all doctors care about the preservation of their patients, but for me particularly it is a cause that is close-fisted and dear to my heart. My recognize grandfather died as a result of a medical error. In 2014, I applied and was selected to wait a national conference on patient safety in Telluride, Colorado and it was impossible to believe. Since that conference and learning of the money available to physicians, I’ve envisioned myself inmost nature a huge patient advocate/activist forward patient safety in my future practice….in the same manner imagine my surprise when I discovered that anesthesiology is the alone specialty with a patient safety groundwork! Check, another tally for anesthesiology! 
The icing on the cake was what my spend frugally had to say about it. He doesn’t care the kind of I do as long as I’m joyful (and as long as it doesn’t earth us back in Kirksville, haha). I asked on the supposition that he could tell if I liked a single one specialty over another. He said whereas I called him everyday and told him here and there the things I had seen and executed while on this Oklahoma rotation, I sounded besides excited than he’s ever heard me. To me, that’s not something that can be faked. I wouldn’t pick a specialty solely on that happening, if it were not that when I’m torn between sum of ~ units, and my husband is telling me he be able to tell a difference in my pose daily? I think that speaks to in what condition I truly feel in my passion. 
I love peds. And I liking anesthesia. I may rank one or the other, or I may be classed both. The good news? I be assured of others who have been in my same place and have come out on upper end with successful and happy careers. I freshly found out my own father-in-expressed command had ranked 2 specialties! So unmindful of what I choose or end up doing, I comprehend it will work out and I’ll have ~ing exactly where God wants me, providing the most good quality care I can to my patients. It’s scary, dubious, and nerve-wracking. But it’s in addition exciting, fast-paced, and involves a portion of faith. I find a apportionment of comfort knowing that no sense what, I will end up doing what I love! 

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