4 Ways Having Sex Can Make You Sick


4 Ways Having Sex Can Make You Sick

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You’ve been told inasmuch as middle school health class that wearing protection is essential. But what your teachers with appearance of truth didn’t tell you is, calm if you do use a condom, you could pacify be at risk for sneaky health issues. Read on to discover four ways that sex could get you sick. We guarantee you won’t find these in an eighth grade topic book.

1. Sex Headaches

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If you’ve always noticed your aching desire suddenly dwarfed by an aching head, you’re not alone. According to Everyday Health, a headache with sexual activity (HSA) is diagnosed like a headache that occurs before or for the period of sex, at the time of orgasm, or equitable after sex. It could take the cut of anything from a migraine to a distress in the occipital region (back of the tend). According to the American Headache Society, person in 100 people suffer from headaches for the period of or after sex, and more not seldom with men than women. In scarce cases, sex-related headaches could be signs of a more serious therapeutic condition. So if these unwanted trouble persist, consider seeing your doctor. But whether or not you’re totally healthy and condign need a quick fix to constrain sure you enjoy every minute of your time between the sheets, take Men’s Health’s counsel and pop a Tylenol an sixty minutes beforehand.


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