1,000 Pieces

Man time flies at what time you’re relaxing. I feel like I honorable got back to Boston and at present BOOM the first day of classes has arrived formerly again. Luckily this Nutrition, Development and Pharmacology obstruct is kind of a 2 week lively up to get us back into classes and testing method. I did some quick math and in the spent 5 years I have taken roughly 126 exams, not counting quizzes. That is to a great extent a few.

Honestly, I wish I could virtuous skip most of this year and notice myself in May, where my curriculum finally exposes us dental students to the pre-clinic. We dispose of 3 months there doing what ut~ dental students take a year to year and a half on and then start seeing patients. I would true much rather do this:

Than this:

But you can’t be under the necessity one without the other of direction and I really shouldn’t subsist complaining because so many people would slay to be where I am; I am happy rather antsy to start the hands-without ceasing portion of dental school. I signify, just look at these wax molars!

I’m going to realize to make those! I have more experience already with tooth waxing, moreover you actually get to build up and sculpt your own teeth! How awesome and fun is that?! Currently, to remunerate my building/sculpting/creating desires (and from the time of Lego is too expensive, seriously be in possession of you seen the current price of Legos?), Karen and I ventured to Boston’s elementary City Target and among other things bought a 1,000 literary production puzzle. It has been taking up our mere dining table and is actually totally a bit more difficult than expected, still that may be because we chose undivided with probably 50 hot air balloons, people with similar color schemes. Wow, my life seems nice boring when I write about it, I started teach, we are putting together a entangle, and we watch Netflix, but I am in the same manner content for this to be my life. We don’t emergency anything crazy to happen, just consistency and contentment.

That is pretty a great quantity it. Wow, this is possibly in my head 3 shortest posts ever? I surmise this post is more for my mom and race members than any of my subscribers who pitch upon it when I talk about ideas viewed like opposed to what is happening in my life (while I treat this blog more like a diary). Well goodness. Ummmm. Bye?

I adieu you in the everlasting glow and domineering carriage that is Ron Swanson.


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