Trivedi Foundation- The Holistic Way to Genetic Transformation

Till very lately, we only believe that the alone way to transform any matter whether livelihood or non-living is through chemically induced genetic mutations. But Mahendra Trivedi by his unique and mind blowing science of the functions of animals and vegetables has proved us all wrong. He has produced ~y extraordinary energy by connecting his thoughts to his interior guidance system or in simple words God. He can transmit this manliness to others and have been scientifically proven to refreshment and heal any kind of natural, mental, emotional and social shortcomings which that person is suffering from. Not solitary human but also other species like trees, crops, animals, matters and microorganisms like bacteria, fungus and viruses have also been pretentious by the power of the energy and miraculously transforming as far as concerns the betterment of mankind. Trivedi Foundation has been regular up by Mahendra Trivedi with the guiltless idea of integrating scientific research by universal consciousness.

Renowned scientists and creation-class research institutions worldwide are constantly exploring the uses and benefits of the robust Energy Transmissions from Mahendra Trivedi. The Trivedi Effect has already produced several positive results in the fields of biotechnology, microbiology, genetics, cultivation, material sciences, pharmaceuticals, and animal frugality. The research is done in a non-invasive usage, so no living or non-live thing is harmed anyway during the experimentation. The Trivedi Foundation in like manner awards grants to scientific institutions that collaborate, touchstone and produce data that support the entire interconnection of consciousness.

The Trivedi Effect, that has helped people achieve happy, felicitous and emotional bliss, has also created marvelous results in other collection. Under the guidance of Trivedi Foundation, scientists from completely over the world has found that the exposure to energy transmissions or The Trivedi Effect causes genetic change in seeds and plants of different crops which results in increased growth, yield, immunity, resistance to pests and weeds, morphology, germination, nutritional value and ledge life etc. without the use of in ~ degree chemical fertilizer and pesticides. The Trivedi Effect has furthermore increased milk production, conception rate, generation and resistance to diseases and reduced necessity of dying rate and feed intake in dairy and domestic fowls animals. It has definitely created a passion in the oncology world by killing cancer cells and increasing the viability and advance of good cells and in pharmacology at which place it has shown biochemical change in bacteria and viruses material them more susceptible to drugs. Even non-support materials like of metals, polymers, ceramics and other elemental compounds, Trivedi Effect has changed the bigness, composition and energy of the atoms.

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