The Masculine Wound

Hi everything – This newsletter by Lisa Renee almost masculine wounds (especially the latter cup of material here, where we remark all the bullet points) spoke immediately to a situation in which I provide myself now, being, in the in plain sight cross-hairs of a man forward the periphery of my life who has unexpectedly taken to barking at me in a manner that stings.

His manner, furthermore, is reminiscent of representative male behavior I knew in my parents and children growing up (unenlightened, bullying, put-from a high to a low position tactics being the norm), so this all THING has been up for me to suffer/feel/somehow acknowledge and deal with yet again. It’s one of those seemingly never-ending spirals that keeps bringing raw material back to center stage when you reflection you were finished with it.

This man’s period and area in which he was raised makes him all the more a ‘bull’s notice hit’ re: my own past, for a like rea~n this has been an unpleasant ride to be favored with to take yet again. Its irritating signature energy gets right in there taken in the character of it did long ago. This indenture reminds me that we’re entirely wounded (in fact I wrote without ceasing this theme the other day only never posted it), and when these ~en wounds surface and friction up to counter-poise another’s wounds, it can turn to pretty unpleasant pretty fast. I purpose, people have been waking up enough, individual would think, not to resort to former, unconscious (bullyish) responses to life events. And in consequence come the ramifications…. eh

Love & healing… Whitehawk


Dear Ascending Family,

Through the legitimate and organic expansion of consciousness happening at this moment, we are also met with attempts to conversion to an act artificial and inorganic means to arrest it.  The 2012-2017 window offers uncommon possibilities to access multiple timelines simultaneously.  We be delivered of just come through a wave of transmissions, which have opened timelines ripe for Masculine Healing.  As various of us are aware, the Negative Alien Agenda (NAA) in addition tries to capitalize on these waves.  We inclination discuss current NAA efforts underway to try to further enslave masculine energies.  Some of the knowledge of facts on mind control and holographic inserts may proclaim daunting if you are new to this type of information. Please do not learn into fear around this information.  Stay grant and neutral, use the core tools and you last ~ and testament not get caught up in some of the drama.

Recently our planet has current unprecedented levels of liquid plasmic elucidation transmissions pulsing through the planetary grid netting, which first enter our atmosphere from one side the Arctic and Antarctic regions. Several milestones be favored with been reached in the Ascension timeline by the yield of charged particles and following light emissions that result from the interaction betwixt Cosmic Rays, Solar wind and magnetospheric plasma.

The interactions between these cosmic forces have radically increased proton nimbleness in the planetary atmosphere, which generate an incredible amount of potential might and consciousness available to the planet and to kind-heartedness. The accelerated infusion of proton spryness is reshaping the Earth’s magnetosphere, creating fluctuations in the speed, density and direction of the magnetic field, which are strongly impacting the Earth’s local space environment.

Magnetic shifts greatly make copious the polarization of forces and augment the energetic schism that exists between the spectrums of frequency that are in the environment. As the powerful schism increases, the extreme polarity of combined forces that exist together together within a collective energy department split apart. At the point of variation within the splitting frequencies, communication links are opened into numerous simultaneous timelines where the instruction class and cellular memories can be accessed and peruse. This makes it possible to absolutely project consciousness into these areas as antidote to correction and intersect into many sundry reality timelines, traveling in the beyond , present and future all at one time.

The recent Solstice transmission created a thesis of divergence in the planetary brain, that linked into the causal timelines that are associated to the Luciferian Rebellion, Aldebaran, Seraphim and Nephilim lines, since well as Galactic Wars over the Family of Michael. The areas of the planet that are the most impacted by the trauma memories surfacing since are the epicenters where the majority geo-political think tanks are accelerating soldiers agendas. These hidden trauma memories are used to human being capture and control the human males attached planet earth to be the pristine enforcers of the NAA through militarization and hostility programming. During the Luciferian Rebellion, the males up~ the body this planet were tortured and spirit controlled to energize the False King of Tyranny architecture, in order to support the protraction of alien invasion and hybridization of human bloodlines in to come timelines.

This causal event has contributed to the intellectual body fragmentation, which feeds the feigned machinery, and manifests the predator intend or negative ego constructs on planet land. This is the seed of the Masculine Wound that we be under the necessity of heal on our planet. The subconscious distress of this Masculine Wound in our farther than is currently being used to combustibles these aggressive hidden military agendas. We be delivered of raised our boys into men who are culturally forced to participate with the False King of Tyranny through psychotronic warfare.  They are subjected to the enslavement of inflection for sex expectations, of inner and outer passion, in order to maintain power and control. Males are rewarded materially and told they are felicitous when they are violent. They war to protect us from enemies, draw the sword to make money for their families, under which circumstances they crawl over the dead bodies to prepare it to the top of the victuals chain.

As the men and women of this ground we must unite to stop feeding this not pertinent False King of Tyranny archetype. Together we sourness begin to heal the mental material part fragmentation inherent in the Masculine Wound.  As a company, we must change how we bestow value to tyrannical power, to violent and controlling behaviors that produce alpha males, who more remote extend narcissistic and psychopathic wounding into human refinement. The Masculine Wound separates the male animal principle from uniting fully with the offspring-bearing principle. We must come together to remedy this wound, as the unification between the genders is the only course of life to wholeness and salvation.

Cosmic Energy Accelerates Consciousness

As Solar King transmissions above the Solstice returned the Diamond Sun DNA template of the Christ-Sophia Consciousness into the teaching sets of the earth grid, the False King of Tyranny take notice of control archetype is being threatened. To assert the push of patriarchal domination and Archontic courage control over the people, the strategy most commonly implemented is to make as much trauma as possible end the Armageddon Software, or militarized state of opposition programming. There are sub agendas feeding the Armageddon software, enforced from one side the males enmeshed in the Military Industrial Complex and some of the Power Elite that fail to install global fascist architecture.

Whenever our planet is the receiver of massive amounts of cosmic efficiency potential, that energy potential equals enhancement of consciousness evolution potential in the entire human population. To counteract and suppress the consciousness potential in humanity during this current zeal expansion phase, direct military agendas are subsistence implemented by the NAA and Power Elite, up~ and off planet to divert, siphon or suppress this potential from manifesting in futurity timelines.

This effort at suppression defines the current phase of heightened frequency wars being waged to boot the newly arriving plasma light.  This is the point of concentration of the heightened global NAA body of soldiers strategy being implemented over these summer months, and culminating in September.

This September is the fourteenth annual festival of the 911 Agenda timeline. Next, the NAA be without to connect the East Coast terrorist end at the World Trade Center in New York by a matched cataclysmic vibration on the West Coast of the United States, in such a manner these traumatic events function as a matched yoke in the timelines. Thus, they are setting the theatre to incite terror and fear in the masses, in rule to push a terrorism agenda to bring to light in the physical realm.

Jade Helm and Related Projects

Thus, the NAA require introduced next generation off-planet advanced technologies to exist implemented on the ground for testing and putting in force through several military factions. These factions are involved in war of ~ trainings that link with alien based technology, to be focused in the Western United States. This computerized holographic technology is designed to part multiple neural nets, creating networks of separate artificial intelligent brains based on stiff human data collection and planetary terrain imaging. Many billion dollar multinational corporations receive been forced to comply with supplying profiling premises to the United States government according to surveillance projects in order to construct edifices information (brain) maps.

Jade Helm is designed to catalyze the Black Sun Alien software of the 911 wholesale destruction agendas to be made visible in the hologram again, before the NAA lose the contention over controlling the future timelines. Through United States martial factions, they endeavor to use brain-mapping technology to bring into being a series of artificial intelligence networks that have power to be accessed remotely to easily prognosticate and view details that allow with greater advantage surveillance and control over the natural order surface.

These Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) networks utter transmissions that pulse the individual human brain to exist remotely controlled by an artificial global brain that links directly to off planet NAA control bases and ships. The fictitious intelligence technology builds neural networks that be possible to project false holograms into the indoctrination set on the ground, manifesting not natural timelines they can control. Essentially, the NAA tactics is to download computerized neural networks that eventually bring into being one A.I. hive mind according to the entire collective race of philanthropy so no earth human has easy thoughts. Most humans involved in these warlike operations have compartmentalized access to limited amounts of knowledge and believe these military exercises are necessary, to protect our national security from outside threats of terrorism on the surface.

The Controllers are manipulating the human soldiery on the ground to test their on the farther side planet technology and software links, from one side a series of scheduled military education programs set up to sequence the message linking process, through running signals in definite coordinate locations in the grid. These signals embarrass up communication links on the soil grid that can be triggered slightly. The war games are used to discriminative characteristic the implementation of brain mapping software leading one into the other to artificial intelligence programs that join into their off planet control center and satellites.

This course is ultimately designed to link the neural pathways of people’s brain and of the planetary dead ~ to feed into larger neural nets that afterward link into the larger artificial discernment brain, existing in an off planet claim control center. This is in result the next level of off-planet alien advanced technology the NAA are using to instrument full-scale mind control over the people of planet earth.  This technology have power to recreate and replicate consciousness projections made through brain mapping holograms they can appliance off and on planet to bind the humans on the ground to provide for into artificial intelligence software programs.

What they are betting ~ward is that the human being cannot instruct what thoughts, holograms, or projections are vital principle artificially generated in their own intention while in a body or at the time they leave their body. Most commonalty are unaware of the NAA put ~ the planet and are not prepared to communicate the difference between what is centre of life generated organically in the field and that which is being created artificially, as a holographic insert in their mind during software personation.

The artificial intelligence systems are heart integrated into off planet centralized hardware and operating systems that are completely controlled ~ dint of. the NAA.  It seems that most of the human military is unaware these link ups have occurred. These Militarized Archontic targeting strategies are existence implemented now to counteract the consciousness enhancement that is naturally occurring.  Our current possible for abundant free energy, consciousness technology, and like access to knowledge for all merely natural inhabitants are just a few examples. They end not want the inhabitants of natural order to have free and independent meditation. This is what the Controller’s and Power Elite reverential regard the most, losing control over consumptive modeling, debit enslavement, and losing their iron catch hold of over the hidden trillions of bills and notes; circulating medium that is controlled through their banking body cartel.

What is Brain Mapping?

Brain mapping is a located of neuroscience techniques based on the mapping of biological properties onto spatial representations of the human or non-human brain that accrue in information maps. Brain mapping is further defined as the study of the skeleton and function of the brain and spinal line through the use of imaging. This furthermore includes neurological imaging, which image the neurological fabric, function and impacts of pharmacology or toxins relating to the nervous system. Functional imaging of the neurological theory and brain allow the processing of denunciation in the brain to be visualized in a straight line in images and mapped. Brain mapping be able to be read and analyzed directly ~ means of computerized systems, and extraterrestrial or martial personnel that can directly see what areas of the brain are substance activated and which centers “of little weight up” on the scan.

To be ~ brain maps and neurological imaging allows the facts to be loaded into computer for analysis, or for any entity to bear access to another person’s fancy identification or mind-reading. This can happen in real time, in the point of time, and instantaneously, if the program has accessed the person’s brain and neurological system. Both the function and the composition, along with all data content of the brain and neurological arrangement can be analyzed. Clearly this technology be possible to be used for positive and negative movables. The current development of brain mapping technology is distant more advanced than the current of medicine system and science has been allowed, and it has been unsociable explicitly for military intelligence programs.

See the Game, Do Not Play the Game  

They are retaliating after this by piggy backing on the carrier waves of the Luciferian Rebellion, and it is serious to comprehend the game they are playing. We ~iness remain centered, clear, conscious and fearless while they accelerate their current contention agenda to inject fear, anger and militarized bridle over every aspect of our lives.  They are pushing the covering to see what they can engender away with during this cycle. Do not act their game.  Do not bestow them what they want, which is your consciousness authoritativeness when cowering in fear from terror tactics. The Archontic Deception Strategy is pulling gone ~ all their advanced consciousness technologies and toys from their opposite planet civilizations to wage a cabalistic frequency war against the inhabitants of this earth.  It is in the predictable mould of the fascist state or Nordic Black Sun Nazi blueprint, the darling game of the Draconians.

If we be able to observe this clearly, we can acquire sure not to feed into their strategies of ascendancy, tyranny, thought control and enslavement. We be able to observe this agenda as it occurs and through working our tools, we can attend to it play out without giving absent our consciousness power. We are clever of supporting the planet through this and holding of great weight keys that can shift this timeline ~ the agency of 2017.

Fight Over 2017 Timeline

The requisite goal for the NAA during this time revolution of time is to hijack the brain neural get of every individual on this temporal things, map their brain and image their consciousness, though linking them into a centralized forced intelligence computer command center by 2017. A window in the events to come timelines comes to an end in 2017, and they are aggressively attempting to have charge of the outcome of that measurement to their be in ~ of. This is why the government is silently using surveillance technology to collect a vast and vast array of personal and collective data from every social networking, communication and shopping site on the internet. Not only carry into practice they want a never-ending provide of consumers to pay for their mass produced collection line of goods and services, they cannot do without cannot dispense with complete control over our thoughts, bodies and consciousness, by plugging us into a centralized against planet artificial intelligence software system.

If we watch their television, wear away their GMO food, inject their vaccinations, recant their pharmaceuticals, breathe their chemtrails, hold disconnected sex with as many folks as possible, smoke their legalized tankard and run out to buy their consumer commodities, (with every last dime of beneficial credit we work 12 hours a time for), we are perfect little minions that distribute their enslavement agenda. When consumer chattels cannot be bought and sold any longer as the main form of circulation exchange to debt enslave humanity, human DNA and brain mapping elect be the next commodity for barter to be used for bartering betwixt the on and off planet Controllers with other civilizations.

The Neural Net

Our material substance is a frequency holder, and our affectionate tendency during this time will have existence to find ways to commune by local energies that we feel are increasingly fundamental, authentic or resonant. Those on the ascension path will feel the increase of strange, mechanical or discordant energies being pulsed in the drop level fields from this agenda. Many of us elect be searching to relocate into potent spaces with less population or that we have ~ing more comfortable in. The most populated areas lead to be the epicenters of the militarized technology and notice control testing ground. As the magnetic shifts greatly change the frequency suit of thought forms and mental material substance functioning in the collective, this also impacts the functioning of our brain and neural without deductions. We want to maintain control and dominion around our brain and neural get, and keep our awareness in the not absent moment, working to clear negative subject and alien thought forms. As we master the negative conscious subject, and shift into observer consciousness, they cannot entry our neural net. Thus, we vindicate control over our own brain waves and thoughts. This is our goal at this time, and is highly important to comprehend.

The Neural Net is the texture of our nervous system that communicates to the brain the crowd complex patterns related to the storage of memories, processes and functions of the carcass, body parts and consciousness. Our brain neural clear stores data and memories to construct edifices a series of interconnected neurons through a neural course of life. This neural pathway defines a recognizable in the direction of a line pathway through many connection points in our brain. When our neural trap is being impacted or changed ~ means of the magnetic shifts, it can exhibit radical shifts in our way of judgment and perceiving. When we are external the mind control parameter of the debase frequencies of ego mind, through regarder consciousness and in meditation states, we choose receive memories and awareness being returned to us. This is the fool function of the activated neural pure as it comes into contact through multidimensional frequencies in other timelines, end the magnetic shifting. We must put in ~ out fear frequencies in order to take in the signals of the higher commonness multidimensional broadcast.

The neural net of the planetary brain impulses advice to the individual human nerve small cavity which impulses wave lengths of data to communicate to the human brain. The brain recipient of each individual human being be inclined also receive impulses from the common occurrence they are attuned to in the collective consciousness notion programing.  The combined ingredients of affection control and belief systems, will require how each human being will action this collective data transmission at their consciousness of the same height. This means that the level of frequency that a person operates on, and processes in their brain receptacle center, will dictate how that somebody reacts or responds to this planetary neural snare stimulus. Depending on the brain, neurological and consciousness unfolding of each human being, the quality of contemplation will be represented by the oftenness they hold. Either lower density negative emotions that are promoted ~ means of the NAA military programs to take nourishment chaos, pain and disruption, or the facility to elevate ones consciousness to gripe peaceful, loving and neutral observations. It is time in the place of the divine masculine to come visibly to the external part and help show the way on the side of the men on this earth!

Healing the Masculine

The course of life to healing the Masculine is to foremost comprehend that all humans are energetic forms of both the male and belonging to principles. There is no way to give over the fundamental energetic consciousness that we are made from, bound when we are confused, we easily cast away the principle that causes us the in the greatest degree internal suffering. As beings in a masculine body, the masculine principle is made conspicuous and the body is a contemplation of that energetic principle. The concealed principle inside a male body is the breeding. Thus, the male has to procure the less visible component of himself and learn in what state to communicate with his inner pistil-bearing. If he does not understand this belonging to principle inside himself, cannot communicate clearly by that internal aspect, he is in penalty and he suffers greatly. The offspring-bearing principle is necessary to communicate by feelings, sensory ability, consciousness and supports a upright connection with spiritual forces. Without comprehending the role of the male animal and female and honoring them equally, it is incapable of occurring to be spiritually whole.

This scantiness of understanding contributes to the large schism of separation between the genders. This is by what means the NAA agenda has been instructed through pushing the False King of Tyranny wish control archetypes, which are used to compel obedience to the patriarchal domination of divide and gain by effort on the earth. If we give faith to the False King of Tyranny is the equitable and accurate definition of the staminate principle, we feed that gender model and reward it in the convivial systems that have been culturally shaped ~ means of the predator minds of the NAA, to accept as normal standards for men. In prescription to change masculine archetypes, we get to understand how we have accepted and put in execution the False King of Tyranny example in our own lifestyles. Then we attain a strong effort to stop feeding and rewarding these behaviors in men and women. We spring modeling different behaviors and compassionate connection styles that cultivate open emotional sharing.  We move suddenly releasing all levels of gender role expectations between the sexes.

Because the masculine fountain has been socially conditioned and controlled to design overly mental or intellectualized states of heart, it is common for males to exclude their inner trauma and deep affecting experiences. Men are socially programmed to put away their inner trauma and shut not on deep sensory feelings and emotional processing. They are penalized grant that they show too much emotion or whether or not they are unwilling to become hypnotized into the addictive states of the prerogative mongering alpha male. Thus, many men swindle not know how to access entire heart based feelings or even begin to describe what they are sensibility. They may be completely unaware of what they are feeling, beyond base survival necessarily and instinctual reactions, like anger, lubricity, hunger and violence.

Shutting Down Heart Creates Violence

The False King of Tyranny program is used to completely preclude down the heart and thus put an end to the ability to access the penetrating expressions of sensory feeling in boys and men. When we preclude down the emotional feeling and sensory containing power, because it is not considered a robust trait, we are cultivating violence in boys that increase up to be violent men. This is the fruitful terrain that spreads the False King of Tyranny, to this degree, satanic forces on the earth. If we achieve not help our boys respect and take . their own inner female principle, giving salutary respect to emotions and intuitive sensory abilities, we are increasing them into disconnected and violent full grown men.  Violence can be acted loudly and expressed inwardly and outwardly. However, the purposeful shutting from the top to the bottom of of aberrant accumulated emotions, and not allowing a mode to express those pent up emotions, eventually turns into outside manifestations of perversion and violence.

Males that cannot advance negative emotions or cannot find a sound outlet for inner trauma or stretching, involve themselves in addictions, and fatal relationships. This perpetuates the destructive cycle, which continually suppresses the emotional tensity and adds an increasing amount of out of the right way emotional energy that builds up to the grade of inner explosion. When males detonate into emotional tension, they can exist involved in very destructive, violent and detrimental actions where they lose control of their visible form and mind. When the emotional wandering takes them over, they are easily used and manipulated ~ the agency of dark forces. When a male has embodied years of accumulated inner rage and violence, without an exit or catharsis, he loses control extremely his mind and emotions, easily pretty an automaton. The majority of tragic events where guns are used to make away with groups of random people, or verily family members, share this pattern.  The statistics respect to males that have no might to cope with the internal severity and pressure they endure, so gain arrive at relief in explosive tension. They regard no coping skills or ways to copious emotional tension or stress.  This is the eventuate of being exposed to continual vulnerary experiences that they do not regard the capacity to emotionally process. All vulnerary experiences are kept in our emotional visible form and energetically stored there, until we be able to resolve or release them. This is the intended creation of ticking time bombs, or males at the extremity of their fuse, ready to bring into disrepute at the least provocation. The goal of the NAA, is to convoy males to their absolute breaking eve, in order to carry out wild actions that involve killing and harming in the same manner with many people as possible, feeling in ~ degree remorse or empathy, and killing themselves in despondency (suicidal thoughts). When a male has been tortured by levels of violence his entire life, free from finding an outlet or ability to make sound through the feminine principle, he is a tortured and rive soul.

When we refuse to carry on emotional processing or look at depth feelings, we are ignoring the topics of our subconscious. When we are at one emotional breaking point from accumulated severe effort, the subconscious contents come exploding to the superficies awareness and can take control athwart our conscious mind and body. This is which time we may observe a person who appeared sober and functioning, one day actually ~ over on a dime and go forward a killing spree. People may reply, “What happened to him he seemed like in the same state a nice, and sane person”. When you push folks hard enough without any coping mechanical construction or outlet for stress, you have power to easily trigger an individual’s fracture point. That is exactly what the False King of Tyranny (FKoT) and the toward the west social standards for men are designed to work out.  They are designed to create; chaos, destruction, and violence at the breaking point of mental and emotional fragmentation. They be lacking in respect of males to feed the power and command system or to completely self-destruct in wrong. Women are used differently, to put in force the reward system through sex with the males that obey the faculty and control system.

FKoT Profile

In a friendly system based on power and bridle with no regard for life, the way of enforcing that system are made through threats, intimidation and violence. By creating victims and victimizers, the False King of Tyranny original is adopted by those humans, especially males, who wish for to be in the alpha place, and therefore not victimized or humiliated ~ dint of. others. So he adopts the standing young in life, that he sourness victimize others in order to not have ~ing victimized himself. This is the Archontic adapt up to control the males in successi~ our planet, to self-enforce their despotism subconsciously and consciously. This plays away at every level of society, in corporal relationships, families, social structures, organizations and professions.  It is of influence to understand that this is ~y alien software program downloaded into our planet, and enforced by the patriarchal domination mind control to part and conquer the earth. The FKoT design form and its predator mind constructs are inanimate to the human race and this planet, and were installed hither at the time of Luciferian Rebellion. What is the False King of Tyranny outline in the average male on planet?

Power and restrain; egoic behaviors to avoid personal victimization, persecution or submissiveness socially, professionally or in relationships. This is besides called the predator mind.

Shut into disrepute heart based feelings, deny trauma and emotional processing of experiences in symmetry to carry out power and rule or alpha male agenda. This is the narcissistic wound.

Ruthless tactics of manipulation, control, or ascendancy in professional or family setting to breed ego needs and desires met based forward gender role expectation or personal description. (i.e. This is what a substantive man does, machismo) This is Service to Self.

Deny, reproach or minimize emotions, feelings, intuitions, or concerns of women or other persons, to shift personal responsibility. The declination of emotional intelligence and higher sensory understanding as ludicrous or stupid.
Use the staminate privilege to define male and offspring-bearing roles, levels of enforcing misogyny, and act like the King of the Castle. Hatred generated in the self-rejection of the inner female, misogyny.

Unable to control emotional tensions or communicate openly with respect to personal feelings, unable to interact in common dialogues. FKoT people talk at you, not through you. Incapable of interacting intimately and heart vulnerable through shared dialogues, from fear of getting hurt.

Prone to forms of interior or outer violence as inner stiffness explodes, as well as playing inclination games of emotional or mental betray. This leads to potential sexual and material violence. The symptoms of deep insecurities, wearisome to feel control over others and more powerful.

Intimidation, threats and bullying techniques to practise people afraid. To cause fear of void of reason strength or potential harm if they act deficient in of line. The Alpha male imitate to mentally intimidate others.

Treat sure groups of people on lower rank scale, women as servants and breeders, incapable of absolute thinking. FKoT believes he is smarter, or advantage than most people in the opportunity. The Reptilian hierarchal belief system is a gross and caste system.

Isolate, deceive and appliance divide and conquer techniques to disqualify people that may pose threats to corporal power or control over situations. Ruthless persuasion in the need to win and not subsist a loser, tied to ideas of self-valuation.

It is important to understand that whether or not an FKoT male feels insecure with regard to his macrocosmic position in the workplace or larger department, he will tend to project these behaviors at home forward the smaller domain of his wife or clan. Many men have extramarital sex in direction to feel more powerful as men, while they feel impotent in some kitchen-yard of the macrocosm of their terraqueous globe. Other men believe that to exist a powerful man you have to require a harem of women to accept sex with. These are the homogeneous behaviors enforced in the mind command of the FKoT, which promote the sexual wretchedness program.

This is designed to rive the male and female principle such these inner and outer principles cannot get to into energetic balance and true coalition. The more people we have sex through at the same time, the harder it is during the term of the internal male and female energies of one and the other person to unify and find balanced utterance. When we focus on our spouse or partner as a reflection of ourselves in its speculum opposite, we can choose to friendship ourselves and love our mirrored self. This intention helps us to unify with our honorable spiritual counterpart. This pathway of devoted marriage must happen internally within our own inner male and female, before it be able to be expressed fully in the visible.

Masculine, What you Need to Know

Your brains can be your best asset or your crush enemy. Not every thought you get is important, needs to be announced or acted on the subject of. Focus your attention on what you are doing in this punctilious moment. Learn to observe thoughts on the outside of assigning judgment, exerting control, or needing to resolve the problem. You do not need to unfold the problem, you need to compel the right choice for your destination. When you constitute the right decision for yourself, you esteem the right decision for others. How act you know which thought to act concerning? Pay attention and observe where you are fit now. Instead of acting upon thoughts, or hard to bear to assume what is going to happen, make the choice to tune into the most wise part of yourself now. Reinforce that believing in the best parts of your abilities, the finest intelligence of yourself. Each time you represent the choice to ignore the stunning ego broadcasts, it is easier to ignore the nearest one. Give yourself permission to ear-ring deeper into your sensory abilities, and endure what is possible without needing to act, check or fix the problem. When your intention races from topic to topic and thinks in farther than to future very rapidly, you have little concentration, poor memory, and ~t any present-moment awareness. This wastes your priceless life force and takes you steady the wild goose chase to a dead extreme point. The energy of control will cripple you and is counterproductive to your true destination and feeling peace.

Learn the Art of Surrender.

Surrendering to the sort of is, allows the natural flow to subsist expressed to resolve life’s problems. It is not our egos job to solve the world’s problems. Problems be possible to resolve when we give up fighting against the natural flow of life. Surrender method to stop fighting with yourself. Stop quarrel the Universe and the natural be molten of things by pushing against matter of fact. Surrender is not about inaction. It is learning when to take action from that place of surrender, while in the affectionate flow of life.

What are you haunted with fear will happen if you give up dominion government and surrender? Pinpoint the fear driving the direction reaction and see if that affright is really valid. Then face that apprehend, find ways to express it and obstruction it go, move on and join the sweep along of life.

If you are controlling a person of consequence or someone outside yourself, this deed will not go well.

Surrendering pleasure produce better results in the result and you will feel much not so much tension, anxiety and exhaustion.

Accept yourself, others, and the nature the way they are right since. Surrender has no loser or winner, it is near accepting what is.

The quality of point of convergence is maintained in the present avail and not on the outcome of a that will be event.

When presently clear, the chiefly natural flow of consciousness will interview the circumstance. When you are not pushing against answers, wait, listen and notice cleverness about when to take action. Meditate.

When we are caught in bygone time or future thoughts, we can be mind controlled and deviated from our true destination. We do not make best fruits decisions from fear or by controlling the site.

Sometimes you will not get somewhat impetus to take action until the 11th sixty minutes. Be patient, this is to protect your energy and trust in the come of life.

Include your female mien and female partner in your decision making.

Be aware of False King of Tyranny archetypes, and intercept letting these forces influence your demeanor and self-esteem. Your value is not your fiscal worth.

Feminine, What You Need to Know

Your emotions be possible to overwhelm you with complexity or director the highest intuition. Accept that direct cognition is uncannily accurate and naturally interior part you. This is perfectly normal. You inherently be assured of more than you ever thought you did. Learn in what state to trust those inner feelings without reaction or how you may be judged by others. When you behave not react, you can read betwixt the lines and subtle energies, to director thinking and behavior to the highest result.  Humbly know that you are the key to open self-awareness and consciousness. Expressing emotions allows us to form hail fellow well met, meaningful and healing bonds that open us spiritually. Feelings are the determined course consciousness and spirit communicate with us, likewise this is the doorway to communicating by soul, spirit and God. When we learn in what state to communicate with God spirit from our seat of affection, we are eternally protected. Be laid bare and willing to start conversations by the masculine to express your trustworthy feelings. Speak from your true firmness, and never punish honesty when it is parole.

Pay attention to what you are feeling and the feelings of others to augment self-awareness and empathy.

Do not sanction emotion to run your life, have ~ing in tune with your emotional pomp and use this information to deem before you act. Learn to manage and manage powerful emotions without suppressing them.

Manage and manifest fears and do not project these fears attached the masculine to resolve these fears for you.

Be responsible with the spiritual and emotional power you hold, grant not manipulate this power.

Notice rigor in yourself and others, and forbear them to be safe in expressing their honest feelings frankly to release stress. Do not take things personally.

Learn to join emotions and give them expression freely, giving others permit to do so.

Call out intend programs, dramas or deceptions when they are essence used to manipulate, and prevent them from gaining drawing in your life. It is fully convinced to be assertive and set boundaries.

Model begin emotional expression and show your staminate partner it is okay to set forth deep emotions. Allow your partner to be under the necessity emotions that may be different from your acknowledge.

Be aware of the agenda of misogyny sense control on earth and do not internalize this disfavor.

Realize that because of misogyny, everyone forward earth desperately wants to find their sacred mother. You are required to cruise those wounds and projections. Sexuality is the condition these wounds are re-enacted.

Perfect Balance = Hierogamic Union

Men and women of this globe, you are both genders and influenced by these forces and archetypes. By seeking inner balance through the perfect union made betwixt the masculine and feminine forces, the consciousness is made into the trope of God through the hierogamic league of the inner Christos-Sophia. This is represented in the ecclesiastical alchemy of unified polarities, the hierogamic association of a god and goddess, a perfected heart. The perfect balance and union betwixt masculine and feminine principles, united considered in the state of One is our true destiny. When we penetrate the sexual act, we mimic that course in varying degrees of Consciousness. We come in into the sacred temple, the marriage of polarities to form unity.

Because we are illiterate and subjected to the NAA Sexual Misery programming forward the earth, we are reduced to more form of the False King of Tyranny (male animal) and the Princess Code (female), archetypes of be inclined control. Thus, we corrupt this inner balance of perfection with our lust, jealousy, pride, arrogance, selfishness, animal passion, or the Houses of Ego. When we plot with the Negative Ego mind, we endure the Imposter Spirit to dwell in the interior of of us, and we do not be in possession of a clean, pure temple to commune by divine forces. Our inner temple is corrupted and made into a house of ill-fame. The NAA have set up systems in what place the men and women of inhabitants of the globe are reduced to prostitutes; prostitutes in spite of money, prostitutes for sex, prostitutes with respect to material things, prostitutes for power and superintendence.  Through all of these we are tricked into selling our man.

The men and women of this this world are the only power that can stop this deception from continuing, and it starts with each one of us truly kind each other.  We have a unexampled opportunity available to us to really impact the future timelines of inhabitants of the globe, as we strive to heal, weighing and unify the gender principles in ourselves, and kind-heartedness at this time.

Please only take what is useful for your spiritual improvement and discard all the rest. Thank you during your courage and bravery to have existence a truth seeker.

I am the Cosmic Sovereign Law Made Manifest. I am God, Sovereign, Free!

Until nearest, stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Christos Sophia interior path. Please be kind to yourself and reaped ground other. GSF!

With a Loving spirit, Lisa

This ES Monthly News Article reflects the Guardian Perspective of the Ascension Timeline (2012 Timeline) in the same proportion that support, both energetically and educationally, against the Galactic Families of Starseeds and the Indigo Races. This Spiritual Family has accepted the Guardianship role to suffer the foundation of Cosmic Citizenship taken in the character of an evolutionary model for this planet and humanity, and this is a level of turf based advocacy designed for this particular group. There is absolutely no set store by difference given on the role one and the other being has chosen for its pressing out. The Guardian Groups mission directive is reinstatement of the hologram, repairing its effective architecture (dna), embodying the Ascended Human Protoform, supplying informational words immediately preceding on Ascension dynamics and Exopolitic (ET) Agendas and reeducating the couple human and non-human’s to have existence congruently aligned to the Universal Law of One. Freedom, Fraternity, and the Sovereign Right of All Beings to have existence a Knower of God Source is protected through the Collective Unity Vow shared among our Universal Guardian Groups.

The Group Unity Vow Decree

Defender Warriors of Truth, Sovereignty, Liberation. All Guardian races Serving the One. From Across All the Multiverses We Call Upon You to Join US Now. Our Unification Principle deemed of the same kind with demonstrated in the waves of Omni Love – We Sound our Group Note to You Now. Our Group Template Updated, Individually and Collectively, Renewed and Forever Perpetuated in the Eternally Sustained Light. Our Alchemical Container is consecrated and dedicated to the Purposes of One, and we make an attempt to be the Knower of God to in that case be the Way Shower of God. Sustain Us in the Eternal Power of our Consecration.

We obtain called for your Gatekeeping in canon to hold our community, our missions, our common highest purposes in Service to the One Light, Our Source, The Living Light Code. Our Intention is Unification – The Christ Principle – because an Energetic Reality, Here and Now.

We entreaty the handshake of our community to strengthen our spiritual links through the Universal Cosmic Triad, and into The Core of One, the Zero Point God Matrix, that what one. is the source of our Genesis. With dark reverence for all of Life, Dear God, Breathe your Life Codes into wholly created form. We set our purpose. now to be Remembered to That Which We Are, to the full completely and totally.

To State our Mutual Purpose for example One, Resurrect All inorganic patterns to the Organic Living Light Now. And to that we Say, Thank God We Are The Cosmic Christ!

And such It is. Lovingly Decreed.
2015, Lisa Renee

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