The Diane Rehm Show on Lyme

Tomorrow, Wed, June 8, from 11am-12 EDT (unless my brain is failing me, that’s 10am-11am in this place in Wisconsin), you can hear the following guests forward the Diane Rehm show on the commonplace of Lyme Disease:


Dr. John Aucott counsellor, Lyme Disease Clinical Research Center at the Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center; president, Lyme Disease Research Foundation

Paul Roepe co-boss, the Center for Infectious Disease at Georgetown University; professor of biochemistry and cellular and molecular biology at the Georgetown University Medical Center.
Dr. Sunil Sood chairman of pediatrics, Southside Hospital North Shore-LIJ Health System; attending, Infectious Diseases at Cohen Children’s Medical Center of New York; professor of pediatrics and parents and children medicine, Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine
Dr. Neil Spector father, “Gone In A Heartbeat: A Physician’s Search For True Healing”. He is comrade professor for the departments of remedial agent and pharmacology and cancer biology at the Duke University School of Medicine.

According to bloggers because of 7 days ago, Spector desire not be on the agenda.  I faith they are wrong.

Roche released a hearty acne drug by the name Accutane, the essential ingredient of that was a derived of Vitamin A (isotretinion).

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