Studying for the NBDE Part 2

NBDE Part 2. It’s a couple-day exam with a total of 500 questions in 10.5 hours. Now that clinic is to boot, my main focus is studying with regard to & passing the boards. Some of my classmates took the exam in our eventual weeks of clinic, but I gave myself the weekend to study for clinic ended. My exam will be Tuesday and Wednesday, then I’m flying audibly on Friday (yay!). 

I like to stow my bag for the entire ~light and hop from place to official station with study breaks in between (CVS fall into, grabbing iced coffee etc). Thankfully Penn has handsome study spaces (that are open in the summer!) with huge tables, not to mention that our dental school is technically open 24/7. On Saturday, I packed a small too much and quickly learned my instruction. The subtle hills of West Philadelphia are mountains whereas you’re carrying fifteen pounds of books-laptop-notes…

My care budget arrived just in time to brighten up my studying! Chocolate from Mark (billet written in his characteristic stick-collect handwriting) and this one mechanical sketch from dad… The lead comes with~ when you shake it! We’re easily amused.

Studying with a view to boards has been a wonderful progress of polishing up what I before that time know. For example, dental materials becomes abundant more interesting after you’ve used them! Now I be assured of the reasons for using certain cements as far as concerns specific restorations. My weaknesses are very clear on practice tests: pharmacology and oral pathology. More practice tests & First Aid instead of this last final stretch.

If you’re studying by reason of your boards- Part 1, Part 2, or USMLE steps- most expedient. see the various meanings of good of luck! I was told that the hardest matter about my last year of dental admonish will be juggling the many projects, advent in sequence month after month: Boards. Residency app’s. Mock mannequin, hereafter real mannequin exam. (All the during the time that traveling for interviews), Screening for NERB for this reason actual NERB, MATCH DAY, CCE’s, points and requirements in quest of graduation. Then hey, May has arrived.

One epoch at a time.

Syrian cardiologist, she grew up in London and graduated from the University of London by a degree in computer science and French belles-lettres.

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