Parts of the new plant are placed in an airtight container and covered by almond oil or other base oils for 30 days


After this end the oil is filtered and transferred into any other container and skips to the distressing plant mixed with oil that contains chiefly of the functional substances in the put in seed itself. Two more days of resting, therefore a second screening and other purifying processes occur  prior to the oil, filtered and pure, is sharp for distillation.


Essential oils are obtained by steam distillation. The pressurized steam is introduced into the be clouded part of the distiller and passes through the scatter seed parts or oil to vaporize the flighty oils contained in them.  It is a method that applies to most of the fragrant plants and exploits the physical properties of essences, in particular their flightiness.It is to separate the volatile oil from the plant origin using a jet of moisten vapor, which invests plant tissues and “carries” the central nature. From the process you engender two final products: the distillate and the ambrosial water. This is the moisten that comes from the condensation of the same effluvium, scented by a small fraction of essence dissolved in it.

The techniques of confection of scented oils by maceration of flowers, herbs and spices in vegetable oils has remained largely the same above the centuries, until the development of the operation of distilling the essence which  allowed to replace at least part of the long process of mortification, giving also aromatic

oils therapeutic efficacy and preservation of use unknown before.

The therapeutic properties of the absolute requisite oils in pharmacology are also the groundwork of their special and profound action in dermo-cosmetics.

That branch of aromatherapy known as  aroma cosmetic uses the power of penetration through the tissues of the essences to establish special grace treatments that are not limited to the surface of the pelt, but to be correct in a fixed cells renewal process.

The antiseptic power of the essences is smart, not only for lesions, wounds and sores, equable for a general time-disinfectant action to clear the skin of microinfection that cause pimples, eczema, rashes, etc..

Essential oils act the function of stimulating the exhausted tissues, promote confined apartment renewal and maintain constant the state of equality of purification.

The best results are obtained with blends of outline oils that work in synergy with  oils or creams or emulsions.

The most newly come research has developed dermo-cosmetic functional products based on characteristic essences for various treatments that integrate the curative aspect-base with the aesthetic.

More practically, the plants can be considered as a laboratory containing many chemicals, extractable in different ways depending adhering the method used. From harvested land of these methods it is potential to obtain a final product with specific requirements and characteristics, with specific curative indications. The extractive techniques applied to material of vegetable nature, are employed as well as according to obtaining the pure active principle, removing unwanted components from the plants.

Aromacosmetics are based without interrupti~ the therapeutic action of extracted herbs and flowers and essentials oils.

The sources and status of the row natural ingredients gambol a primary role, harvest must occur in term and in the (balsamic time) while the plants offer the most of their curative properties

Our story and products;

Among the greatest in quantity used and known  herbal preparations we have affection for to remember;

Chamomile & Sweet Almond Oil; in quest of the face, light and soothing oil, recommended to remedy dry and sensitive skin.Anti-incendiary,treats capillary fragility, helps calm eczema and allergic stipulations. Reduce redness and evens the state of mind and color of the skin.

Lavender & Sweet Almond oil; Lavender (from Latin-lavare-to waste) is always been associated with cleaning and lustration. Balances the natural ph of the skin, normalizes sensitive skin with blemishes. Mildly antiseptic helps hinder bacteria that cause acne and exasperation, helps heal scars due to acne, and prevents blemishes.

Rosemary & Almond Oil; Rosemary has been traditionally used to provoke oily and dull skin, refines the pelt texture, reduces and purifies clogged pores, antiseptic condition helps the healing process of derm eruption caused by acne.

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