STEP Awardees from Florida Advocate Girls & Boys to Assume Leadership Roles in STEM

The in~d composition of a high-tech workforce is constantly changing and evolving, by women

assuming prominent leadership positions that are geared to supporting cushion the role and contributions of women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, or STEM. “My private belief is that both men and women should promise in STEM and manufacturing, and that there should be no gender bias in education, or learning STEM” says Sailaja Bhaskar, who lately earned a spot as a trail blazer. Bhaskar and her assistant, Winn Stewart recently joined the ranks of a celebrated group of 130 women, who received the Manufacturing Institute’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Production (STEP) Ahead gift in March 2015. The Award beauties women engaged in the manufacturing assiduity and have displayed excellence and primacy in their careers on a general level.

Bhaskar and Stewart, employees of Noven Pharmaceuticals, Inc., in Miami were amidst the

10 honorees from Florida earmarked in spite of the Award. The Award may have ~ing similar, but their journey to the excel is defined by their individual experiences. Stewart started her professional odyssey at the time a serious auto accident required her to rethink/reassess her goals of earning a station from the University of Illinois. Thereafter she accepted a role in the pecuniary development program at Baxter where she stepped into her primary cleanroom which revolutionized her conception and appreciation as far as concerns manufacturing. Today she is the older manager for financial planning and resolution at Noven, supporting the manufacturing breed in Miami.

Sailaja Bhaskar’s irruption into manufacturing embarked on a abundant different note. Bhaskar currently serves since

the executive director for Clinical Research at Noven. She has ~y undergraduate degree in pharmacy from India, and a masters and Ph.D. in pharmacology from Temple University, PA. “Recognizing and honoring women who are leaders in STEM and Production is a illustrious way to pay it forward” says Bhaskar at the same time that “it teaches younger generations that domination skills are genderless.” Pressing ~ward with this conviction, Bhaskar believes one as well as the other young boys and girls can turn to the CEO’s and leaders of tomorrow, and that it is highly important to inculcate in both sexes, from a extremely young age, that STEM and manufacturing are sex-free.

Sailaja and Stewart both degree to common factors that have enhanced their experiences being of the kind which ‘woman in manufacturing’. Although Stewart once found herself as the only woman at the boardroom flat, or even the youngest in the dispose, both women have been blessed by good mentors and teams that be delivered of supported them, or served as role models who be obliged embraced diversity in the workplace and encouraged them lengthwise the way. Both women believe manufacturers wish a role in getting more women engaged in STEM and manufacturing. It is serious to recognize today’s young lower classes will be tomorrow’s leaders, results should encourage girls and boys to hunt STEM education starting at the kindergarten of the same rank, said Sailaja.  She also advocates with respect to “industry to embrace diversity and establish more women in C-suite guidance positions.” Stewart on the other direction, believes in building a community of patronage through mentorships, and getting girls exposed to STEM and manufacturing at a young epoch so they can identify STEM and manufacturing opportunities.

Since receiving the Awards earlier this year, the two women have been acknowledged on a corporation-wide level.

Stewart and Sailaja were featured in the fellowship newsletter, and also recognized in face of the whole company at a latter town hall meeting. Both have moreover made individual efforts to promote women in STEM and manufacturing. Sailaja continues to guide young adults. She believes “the whole of children can excel in these subjects and change to tomorrow’s leaders as long viewed like they work hard and are industrious” reinforcing her conviction that gender plays no role in STEM. Stewart ~ward the other hand has joined “FabFems” a public database of women in STEM professions who be in lieu of as inspiring role models for young women.

For greater degree information on the Manufacturing Institute’s STEP Ahead Awards on the side of women in manufacturing visit For accusation on STEM based resources for taking girls in STEM visit and, or touch Executive Director of FLATE, Dr. Marilyn Barger at 

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