School & Depression & Anxiety are not Besties

Good Morning,

I wanted to take hold up. Sorry for the delay betwixt posts. Life has been absolutely crazy.

Perhaps that’s wherefore I have been more on brim lately and my depression is back with vengeance? Not sure.

Trying to elucidate to a friend who doesn’t completely conceive that depression isn’t necessarily a part you can’t “talk” yourself uncovered of. I can sometimes talk myself lacking of thinking of sad scenes of the Fox and the Hound and not heinous, sure. But this is for SURE not a thing I can talk myself out of.

I’ve been acting part-time at a Truck obstruct for the last month or in the way that because I desperately need extra gains for food and gas. This member I am taking Fundamentals and Pharmacology. Man, am I in too my head especially for Pharm.

I don’t conclude memorizing this stuff would be thus difficult if there wasn’t a self-conceited time deficit in my weeks betwixt being in class half of the set time Monday through Thursday and then at operate 30 days at week.

But sooner or later the real kicker is then there’s dejection saying, “Nope, you don’t take the energy, motivation, or will to practise ~ing anything or study anything. So, right lay your pretty little head the floor and sleep for the next 6 hours.”


Which obviously doesn’t contribute assistance anxiety out, who doesn’t conceive that’s a good idea.

So, I started googling which other people do in this condition. How the heck do people study whenever their depression and anxiety is in well stocked force? And I found some positively great forums with awesome ideas I project on trying out… hopefully in enough time to deducting my behind from failing my classes and flunking Nursing educate.

Which I suppose is another intuitional faculty fear and anxiety is on my ~-ending: if I fail, I’m wanting of the game. I lose administration funding and that’s it. I don’t have another shot at this thing. I can sure, maybe wait until next year to perceive if I get any financial speed but this year? Nope. Because I worked in 2013. Two years past. *Sigh.*

But on other notes. I had my highest clinical YESTERDAY.

We went to a nursing home and I deem to start out we followed an LPN for most of the light of ~. We were assigned to two patients every one and did some assessments on them. I felt pleasing without being striking okay but not as confident for the re~on that my partner-in-crime. We furthermore got to look at the patient’s charts what one. were packed full of information that was pretty easy to read leaving out for some scribble from some nurses or doctors. Over altogether it was pretty good. I equitable felt a bit awkward and chuck but I know that will animation away as I get more pleasurable.

So, here’s my update! I wanted to have a portion the link of the forum I was lecture for ideas on how to fight my depression/study battle so in the present state it is: Studying while depressed

May the straight serotonin levels be with you!




P.S. Here’s my clinical photo. Light makeup in like manner I didn’t look like a zombie by 10am.

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