Plus ca change

“A new study published in the journal Nature Neuroscience suggests that examination done on male animals may not hold up for women. Its authors reported that hypersensitivity to distress works differently in male and pistil-bearing mice. For males, immune cells called microglia stand in judgment to be required for pain hypersensitivity, and inhibiting their derivative also relieves the pain. But in female mice, different cells are involved, and targeting the microglia has none effect. If these differences occur in mice, they may occur in humans overmuch. This means a pain drug targeting microglia potency appear to work in male mice, nevertheless wouldn’t work on women.

“Failure to give gender in research is very a great quantity the norm. According to one calculus of scientific studies that were published in 2009, masculine animals outnumbered females 5.5 to 1 in neuroscience, 5 to 1 in pharmacology, and 3.7 to 1 in physiology. Only 45 percent of animal studies involving stagnation or anxiety and only 38 percent involving strokes used the fair, even though these conditions are again common in women.”

– NYTimes essay up~ predominant use of male lab animals.

Carol Tavris’s The Mismeasure of Woman was published in 1993.

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