Pathology Exam #1: How Did I Do This All of Last Year?!

2nd completely nighter in a row got me sensation some type of way. Luckily, unlike the last one, this one was effectual. I had all of my material for pathology prepped and ready to go, but it was unstudied as of be unexhausted night. So I got to it, and in not far from 10 hours, knew everything to the in the highest degree of my ability. I didn’t have in mind the exam wasn’t that evil, and I predicted an 84% and indeed just graded it and got some 86%, so that’s great! Now, supercilious no curves, I only need a 54% steady the final exam to pass pathology. That is superior because, not that I will loose off on it, but it allows me to actually focus on pharmacology like I necessity to. I have renewed energy because pharm; I worked hard on the primary one but I am going to walk even harder on this. I can’t esteem back to back bad exams, I’m able at bouncing back and always answer the purpose. I’ll get it, I’m determined! After this pathology exam, I went to a veritably useless meeting where I tried not to be~ asleep the entire time and they gave us the rundown forward our responsibilities as focus group leaders. It’ll be fun, basically getting all of my classmates in my of the college society together and hearing out and hand down their thoughts on our classes whilst directing the conversation. Neat and easy! In the meantime, I am exhausted and am going to depart to bed for a little afterwards get up and shoot some hoops and gambler some Xbox later. then go back to channel again. Took an L in pharm this week yet got a W in path, likewise at least I’m pretty honorable in one and know what I lack in the other. I’ll recharge this weekend and influence back at it with renewed bottom and drive next week! For a little while ago though I am going to spend some well-needed quality time through my bed.

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