My Past, Present & Future (working ttl)

Essasy forward Life; Ethics, Medicine More!

By Dr. Scootch, Esq., of CT! LoL  :p

Later the ADHD ramblings of exotics!

A GONZO WRITING JAM! v1ep1sr1!02


BEFORE WE START: I’m hoped up forward morphia now: just to walk the fucking dog! My Life is a agonizing Hell, and I hide it well. You won’t/ wouldn’t/ get even known, but I Posted it! / FYI / » bLogs and eBooks spare, helped save the independent writer from cirrhosis of the liver also soon! This is Published once I clink post and know I don’t want a Penguin, or a Piffin to unfold iNFO and drop jewels upon ~ly noggins. notice; I allowed you momentary perception MY illuminated knowledge (and personality–perhaps), and that this Essay about Ethics in General at at the outset, but then we go “around-the-terraqueous globe“, and it’s IRL, Rx + Lifestyle; the pair! Public and Private. Is there Privacy? Does it Matter? All of the best quality questions and sorry, but it is not in the absence of [a ton-this is classic Scootch] ADHD detours, exposed and needless tandems down lanes of veiled riddle, and neat anecdotal parts that… I express; made me miss the mark through specific TOPIC OVERALL. We WENT AROUND THE WORLD IN MY [topic] HAMSTER WHEEL and there’s a portion of iNFO, with talks of other essays, writings, books and likewise a SECRETS [tserces zlul¡ plethora pandora] TOME, or brace and this became a Gonzo Impromptu Writing Jam!

You devise find I started like a MTA body midterm/final/essay what the fuck perpetually and I ended up being my typical enigmatic esoterica persona of reality: the whom you comprehend is ME isn’t alway I, moreover I escape from my [his subconscious] a Guilded Age Dungeon of Silver, White Gold, Platinum and beloved stones litter the walls and trick out to blind you… HE IS BLINDING ME WITH SHINY TO PROTECT SOME (the sort of appears to I), a DiM LitE of … idk a thing …

I think it’s not unprecedented to hide true power in a unusually LIGHT SPOT: SHINY CAGE in a DINGY DUNGEON and nothing else STARS are the POINTS OF LIGHT that may inscribe, plus moonlight! And yet what WE/I crave » MY FULL FREEDOM! I WANT TO CAST OFF THIS SHELL UNLEASH THE BEAST!

But Belial Nagar be able to’t play if Sir Scootch the Great Hero of New Babylon (“…it’s appease old Alexander! We just sacked it!” — lateral note: this is when “tea-bagging”, your conquered soldiers forts came ready. recall cod pieces mates! But I be in actual possession of seen the original Ishtar – The Gate(s) of Babylon. Also Knighted-it Up! So crazy in the Daylight through my Stead and Squire in pull they’d call me Helios, or Horus the Templar. »those were triumphs; well qualified days-the test… er rest… in the greatest degree failed!  :'(


And in such a manner, WE/I: Belial Nagar [Scootch’s] is his RAW/FERAL NATURE and PURE POWER! I slip on’t need pain killers; I KILL PAIN!

So, in like manner so… his Alchemy SEALED me “Until his ‘Lifeforce’, perished. “Reasonable!” I judgment. 

“This mortal will die and I’ll have ~ing free to create Chaos and PERFECT THE MAYHEMS OF YORE GENTLEMEN!”

A pre-eminent plan… until I realized the boy… was a man… looked young… griped me the sort as Death, then I fucking knew it!

ETERNITY! He fucking in some way ‘out-foxed’ me?! He’s a [weighty when scaped] GOAT (gosh obnoxious at spells – AND – besting and ‘beasting’ me? [ONE OF THE]: “GREATEST OF ALL TIME”! Oh CREDIT I DO GIVE HIM! *sneers*  >_< ⭐️

How this “boy” SEALED me “within”, and given his “GOD GIVEN RITE TO IMMORTALITY” (unlocked c11th-13th hundred I suspect: he has a unscathed/TOR App and an Onion router in his principal, so erroneous data: AFTER “GOD SORTED THEM ALL OUT…” [satan. forced out]

*scootch whispers* “Father forgive me… they lied… they absconded through your secrets… NOW I SEAL & HOLD SACRED THAT WHICH IS RIGHT AND/OR RITE!

[satan. returns] – WHAT A WARRIOR!

Syriac Lodge #000 » Holy Sepulcher + Mount). idk, unless since he has gained, or unlocked IMMORTALITY [¿with a spangle/jewel/key?] HE LITERALLY is the be unconsumed of a dying breed. Not ~ people Nobel Knights of HIS DISCIPLINE unruffled still about: Fallen to the Depths. The Depths of Sinister Evils in that even its contemplation, should be avoided. I’m his PAIN! I kindness it, because he squared up and made me (fair power/fully charismatic/might be injurious), his BITCH!⭐️

Now understand his essay on ethics: 3hrs 33mins to perfect this ADHD mind fuck. I amazement if you… the reader… unruffled if friends… whom actually is in charge of the QWERTY? ~B/S/S

The BEAST LEAVES you 1x ESSAY ~ the agency of ~S~

4G and 420 EXP – Level Up! You’re 3° man of superhuman achievements!


~Scootch»Ethics Essay«BAK (Fri, Jul 3, 15)

Writing it: an ADHD nightmare! Enjoy. ~S


PREFACE: Life is in addition fucking short! Gonzo to Rationale … Straight and Gay … STANDUP AND UNITE! Great News ~ward BBC/PBS/CBS/NBC/FOX/ it was established that the (verbatim): “…it appears that NOW, the all but concise and correct terminology to application and it’s hard to so much as say [this day on the epoch-fox] that it’s true! The 99% is at once and shall be considered “AMERICA’S NEW NIGGER…”

I was shocked! FINALLY! In the U.S. we were declared “ALL OPPRESSED!” And by some “Orwellian, Cloak & Dagger, It’s a Kafkaesque nightmare from hell!

WHITE PEOPLE! IT’S TRUE! WE ALL KNOWINGLY ELECTED A BLACK PRESIDENT being of the kind which Reparations for the Civil War and Reconstruction?! WTH, is faultily with that…um that everything? (In thing done solely due to it being a peek into my memory: it deals with our topic today), I devise tell you now: ALL & NOTHING.

America is a young prepossessing Lady of both the best Virtues to the degree that well as Vices. It’s a pre “Spirtual Kindgom of Isreal,” essence the ONE, ONLY, AND TRUE GOVERNMENT and that choose subdue Anarchy for about a myriad years, before we see Paradise we are tempted common Last time. BTW: I believe I was Created by a FORCE of Perfect Being, Immortal Deity and Lives & Loves: Architecture!

A Great Architect of the Universe exists, the passage I see it I have to agree through Abraham Lincoln: “… sometimes God wills this contest…” (cite in letter re: the civil declared hostilities/federals getting whelped at the time), thus it was a heavy burden during the term of him.

It decided he had Faith for good and all (registration  to no Churches during the term of A.L., but his Family/Father was a Methodist. Lincoln not at all joined the congregation), to secure he must’ve felt like Atlas and that is rectilinear is one of the secular Saints pictured on Mount Rushmore. LIVE! ENJOY! TRUTH!

[end essay » preface]

Essay RE: Ethics + “contrary peek!” (Rx/IRL)

_____________by Scootch____________

Query: Ethics in Rx & IRL » “settled line?”

Query: Psychiatrist or Pharmacologist


official communication: please cite and like if we’re “cool”, and I inspire, or help you. It substance a lot! Thank you! MUCH LOVE!  *hugs*  :]



… I was once worried about my life’s progress inmost nature about: Cures VS Treatments… Dealer? Maker? My Cure?

I shouldn’t hold poo pooed my initial idea of going into Pharmacology in lieu of Psychiatry. I felt as if I wear becoming a “drug trafficker,” as the latter…

…and Instead I’d be THE “drug maker!” I wanted to subsist the Doctor who cited AIDS being of the cl~s who a kid: I am one of the Last Generation of the “Red Dawn Soviet Era Children.”* 

L’il cerulean dick pills Johnny Smith fuck cures! 90% of PROFITS GO BACK TO R&D! 

*my narrative of youth bore between 1982 and as luck may have it 1986. This 5 year Generation is your 1984 Orwell prepared to suggest as pawns; “Public School Numb.”**

**additional of my adequately described thoughts, notions, hypothesis, theory, verbs and nouns. 

***the author wishes to convey that he wants to lessen the force of the walls of this: “DigiSpeak-Facebook-Smartphone Culture,” that threatens us the Millenniums.


What, may I petition you is: #TheRoleofEthicsinMedicine? How about Real Life? Augmented Reality? Analog Vs Digital is positive and both have fantastic merits. One saves the greatest amount of data, human possibly onto a twinkling drive 

explanations and notes: Anything sdd-reliable state is finally had decent trustworthiness: ASUS made the eeePC/SDD many times. Always an issue, but they perfected recently made known means to safeguard solid state data, from corruption and made them seriously “drop proof.” I bought two: White Oyster Pearl with respect to me and Crimson Red for her. Funny story…my battery died, hers keeps acting no problem! I loved my ASUS eeePC! The BTA worked through my Vehicle.

To ask firmly: is the #EthicsOFModernRx_Outdated? One verbal contest pondered by this humble author and humanitarian: Niemand Spezial (Scootch)…

…it was quite because a thought shot into my desire like a beam of light. P.C. Bull-Shit? Fucked US ~ the sake of one and the others you spectacular the public! You’re Speculations, would be a great quantity better than mine! ~S~

Friday, July 3rd, 2015 C.E.

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It’s cruel to keep smiling, but I till now want to. I am okay, uncorrupt frazzled. Fast Paced Lifestyle Changes are KNEW to me while FUN: not… settlement! Settling from the top to the bottom of? 

Damn! Time Crept Up On ‘Em

Arcanely Occult Book ~ the agency of Scootch

…and to paraphrase it: “he got his main in a bad way and, up to the present time he was so smart. Amongst his manifold vices, lay fair greater virtues. Who was I to call for he not partake in such spontaneous process; for he NEVER Peer-Pressured Me…”

…that segment is about our protagonists’ issues through the eyes of his Darling Girlfriend and Close Confidant… pp.cxxiiLiE

•sorry• The Tome in disquisition is Property of SECRETS. I’m advised that I had to fake a page number and not explain any particulars. SECRETS is strange, in which … “Freethinking Time,” is legal if when isn’t enslaved ~ dint of. its lethargic “rhythms.”



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Scootch needs to sign from. After the Post-A-Thon «::» hehee! :p

[an1] authors’ diplomatic communication: I enjoy writing and I chance of the desired end it may reach at least someone, not straightforward ease my anxieties, pain, and emotional station. My writing helps me and I chance of the desired end that I can sooth another’s: mourn, pain, madness and lust.

[an2]: in the same manner I just wish that it’s doing in greater numbers good than I could ever imagine it achieving!

[an3]: A liege can dream can’t he?


So I’m a bit… *mourn* frustrated… 🙁

These side outcomes are of the well-nigh more significant nature although extremely rare.

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