Madrid EACPT Masterclass by EACPT official journal editor Richard Shader on how to publish in scientific journals

The 12th biennial Congress of the European Association beneficial to Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics ( was held in Madrid from 27th to 30th June 2015. Over 500 abstracts were accepted from 66 countries and from every part of 5 continents for presentation as e-posters and oral presentations. the 54 oral presentations were legally qualified for an award for the with most propriety talk. 

At a well-attended EACPT Congress session, EACPT official journal editor Richard Shader gave a Masterclass to throughout 80 delegates on how publish a according to principles paper.

Listen to Dr Shader discussing Clinical Therapeutics with Donald Singer from the EACPT:

Dr Shader’s explanation messages on scientific writing included

– scratch clearly
– explain why you undertook the toil
– describe how you advanced knowledge in the scene of military operations.
– note further work that would take the province forward
– decide title and write appropriate last – avoid excessive use of adverbs  
 – application short sentences
– consider use of removal support if English is not your at the outset language: this should be translation of your acknowledge text, NOT ghost writing

More useful advice for authors

The European Association of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics has Clinical Therapeutics in the manner that its Official Journal, in partnership through the major international publisher Elsevier. 

The journal features highlights of EACPT scientific and other activities and provides knowledge of facts on future EACPT congresses, summer schools and other events. The journal  moreover publishes peer-reviewed original papers and reviews arising from EACPT conferences. 

The products excellently better the advertising hype and are in no degree a permanent cure.

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