IMA Special leave petition dismissed: Ayush doctors welcome SC order

Homeopath and Ayurved practitioners welcomed the SC regulation that dismissed the Special Leave Petition (SLP) filed ~ the agency of the Indian Medical Association (IMA) seeking to curb the former from prescribing allopathic medicines.

It may have ~ing recalled that the state assembly and the law-making council had in June last year given its approval to the projected law that allowed homeopaths to practice allopathy after a one-year bridge track in pharmacology.

IMA had, however, moved the Bombay HC past the issue and had also questioned the set forth cabinet’s decision to allow unani and ayurveda practitioners to legally establish allopathic medicine and perform minor surgeries. However, with the Bombay High Court denying interim relief in its order on December 24 utmost year, the IMA had filed a e~ leave petition on the issue in the summit court. They had sought a stay in c~tinuance the amendments made by the pomp Assembly in the Maharashtra Medical Council Act and Maharashtra Medical Practitioners’ Act.

While welcoming the decision, Dr Bahubali Shah, chief of the Maharashtra Homoepathy Practitioners Association, and Dr Suhas Parchure, author chief of National Integrated Medical Association, declared it would benefit over 60,000 homeopaths and other thing than 80,000 ayurved practitioners in Maharashtra. Parchure further said that the bridge course should have existence done away with. Medical Development Forum convenor Dr S Sardeshmukh in a announcement issued on Thursday said that ~ means of dismissing the petition, the SC had in a device justified the ayurved and homeopathic practitioners stand of subsistence able to practice integrated medicine. Dr Jayesh Lele, vital (elect) of the state unit of IMA, in whatever manner, said they had not received the fac-simile of the order and would exist able to comment only after public recital it.(Source)

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