Hindsight is 20/20

Today (or yesterday) was one of my favorite days of the week, “Workout Wednesday!” I gain so excited because it feels like we are doing matter good. For the past 4 weeks, a hardly any of my friends and me be seized of been getting together once a week to instigate our bodies. Amongst our busy schedules like medical students, it’s difficult to stay sober, but one of the ways we like to render that, is to exercise. We are generally in our Brain and Behavior stop, so endorphins, which are thought to stop the transmission of pain and prevail upon euphoria, are desperately needed. Workout Wednesday is any of the ways we stock up forward those endorphins!

Anyway, we’ve had midterms as antidote to the last two days, Monday was Pharmacology, Psychiatry and Doctoring, and a Neuroanatomy adapted to practice.  Tuesday was written Neuroanatomy, Neurology, and Neuropathology. The principal day of midterms was not likewise bad, but I literally had to rend off a miracle on Monday night to prepare for Tuesday. The week under the jurisdiction midterms I spent an inordinate footing up of time applying for a scholarship. It took some time away from studying, thus I didn’t get a contingency to study as much as wanted to in the days ruling up to our midterms. However, the significance and purpose behind this scholarship was in this way important to me, that I conscientious had to apply. Long story abrupt, lets just say some parts of midterms went well, while others, not so much. But hey, what can I do about that at that time?

Well, as I was designing today’s workout, I reminded myself that brains the past is easy, what you change to maximize your potential going forward is the key. One of the positives of struggling end adversity is that you learn from it. Hindsight is 20/20, and you change the way you approach obstacles such you don’t go insane suppose that you get the same results. Thus, today’s workout was  “HINDSIGHT.” (See Details Below). Unfortunately, it was surrounding 102 degrees when the workout was scheduled, in this way only two people were there-myself included.

Oh ~ the agency of the way, that scholarship I was talking around, I got it :)! I guess Hindsight is 20/20.



(3 Rounds)

Double Leg Hops as antidote to height (20 Yards)

20 Crunches

Alternating Skips since Height (20 Yards)

20 Body Squats

Broad Jumps in spite of Distance (20 yards)

20 second Planks or 20 push-ups (modified for the cause that my wrist is injured)


Positively Influence,


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