I’ve been moving long and hard hours this in conclusion week and the week before! Tonight, back much anguish and many notes, I finally finished both my pharmacology review (41 pages and counting, longest I’ve made even now!) and my pathology review (29 pages). This is from having talked through all of the lectures in a clump setting and highlighted the important minor circumstances, which comprise those many pages. So I’ve got the rest of tonight and every part of of tomorrow to study pharmacology in front of the exam, and then, unfortunately, single the day before the pathology exam to study that, and that’s subsequently I’ll have been burned at a loss from studying so much pharm and captivating that big test earlier that like day! Oh well, I’ve transacted it before and I’ll achieve it again. This summer has been every epiphany in terms of how I’m adroit to understand things instead of righteous memorize them. Turns out my labor during first year was worth it! So I gotta toil hard these next couple days, hopefully work out well on these two exams to desire a nice cushion for the finals in quest of both classes, and then get to unstring a little bit on the weekend. It’ll have ~ing a great catharsis! Now, to cause to become it until then, and do with equal rea~n with some solid grades under my girdle.

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