Gnosis Pharmacology: Chapter One, Page Nine


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For those of you who aren’t similar to at ease reading German as Vernon Jackson, hither is the untranslated version of the script instead of this page:

Page 9: Four panels

Panel 1: View from abaft a screen. KARIN BAUER (“Karin”), young, mousy, sheer-looking in thick glasses, is seated lecture the screen.  Behind her, GERDA, her distended, middle-aged supervisor reads over her protuberance.

CAPTION: Archives of the Max Planck Society, largess day.

Gerda: A request from the United States by reason of documents, Karin?

Karin: A account student named Taylor Chase wants to apprehend if we have any letters sent to one of the Society’s members from the K[aiser] W[ilhelm] G[esellschaft] days.

Panel 2: Gerda’s P.O.V. looking back at Karin, who has turned her principal to look at her.

Gerda (finished-of-panel balloon): Normally this is not a thing we would spend time on.

Karin: ​Yes, Gerda, further he insists that there is a highly poignant story of some kind in those learning, if they exist.​

Panel 3: Karin, perched precariously exalted up on a ladder pulling a box of documents away a shelf.

Panel 4: Close-up explore of a scanner with Karin’s hand’s in the body of jurors, scanning what she has found.

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