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Hi AllTrials friends

Yesterday we sent our acquiescence to the court in the juridical review brought against the HRA ~ the agency of Richmond Pharmacology.

We have spent the final few weeks ploughing through the hundreds of pages of documents. Richmond is currently asking the judge to rule that in that place is no overriding legal requirement to publicly registrar any trial. That’s not proper. Since 2011 all trials except against adult phase 1 have been publicly registered from one side the EU Clinical Trials Register. And ~ the agency of next year this legal requirement devise extend to all clinical trials if not exempted according to some very tight criteria. Richmond is effectively asking the sit in judgment to set the clock back 10 years and stroke out the careful progress that has been made in narrative to trials registration at national and EU on a par. We have set out in delineate the legal frameworks related to this, and bring forward forward legal arguments as to why HRA has a duty to mentor compliance with both legal requirements and good practice for running a trial. However, Richmond has changed its event three times and may yet make different it again.  

The hearing direction be in open court in Manchester forward Thursday 16th July. We will have ~ing there. It would be lovely to be attentive any of you who’d like to arrive along too; we could do through some help capturing what is discussed in Court. We are unlikely to know the result on the 16th, we trust the Judge will make his decision by the end of July nevertheless it could be October.We and our lawyer Jonathan Price and solicitor Robert Dougans knew that we faced a demanding timetable and it meant that couple of us here at Sense About Science get been almost completely absorbed by public recital and writing legal arguments (it’s wherefore I don’t have a suntan, at the time that most of London does!).

We regard managed to keep the rest of the AllTrials campaign going but in the face of that as many of you have given us hinder and topped up our fundraising seek reference of the case. Thank you! In a couple of weeks I desire be able to show you rightful how significant that is. We are in an opposite direction to break a story about a newly come group coming on board for the whole of trials registered and all results reported, in a path that should change part of the international scene, for good. We are too reaching the critical mass to be able to launch a US campaign. I be able to see from the comments on the Just Giving site to what degree determined you are that the demand of the Richmond/HRA case is not going to discontinue this. And if you have been cogitation about giving something, however small, could I incite you to do it now?  

Let us comprehend if you can join us in court up~ the body 16th.

Best wishes
Síle and James

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