Friday Favorites

This Friday Favorites is a mean different, and has a weird arising, but bear with me…

I distinctly remember the at the outset moments when I started questioning whether I should stay in of the healing art school. I was sitting at my desk at home, struggling through pharmacology homework, and I realized accurate how miserable I was. It wasn’t the fever, or the humidity, or the brown moisten. It wasn’t missing my friends or tribe. It was the way I was reality taught. I immediately made an assignation with the school counseling team (the kind of a good future therapist!). When I was in the arrangement. a few days later, one of the questions that I was asked was “the kind of are your five happiest moments?” – I drew a white. The only thing I could be of opinion of was the moment I institute out that I had gotten into therapeutical school. All the years of state of being prepared, the blood sweat and tears, the sacrifice and determination had finally gotten me to this phone summon, and a medical school wanted me. I cried. On the phone.  It was embarrassing.

Looking back adhering it, this is still one of my happiest moments. Another was acquirement into my PhD program, because once more, sacrifice and blood and sweat and tears and every part of that. Another was meeting Bo against the first time. And looking back forward it now, with some perspective, interview Josh for the first time was a different. All of these moments made me touch like a huge weight had been lifted distant from of me, and things would subsist better from then on. It was a reason of relief, mixed with satisfaction and validation. But my run over one happiest moment just happened attached Saturday.

Josh and I are engaged.

We are for a like rea~n excited, and can’t wait against everything ahead.

And obviously, I possess started planning already. Now I straightforward have to decide on a planner: I’m thinking this or this

Happy Friday!!

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