first aid organ systems

I wanted to bestow my opinion on using this clause, “first aid organ systems” during the Maine semester. Actually, I had seen a handful of students use this book for the time of the last semester of basic sciences, but that I can’t comment on whether or not it was valuable. I can, however, say that I exhausted all of my time watching pathoma videos, wont questions, and strictly following the censure material, which took up 99.9% of my time (0.1% during sleep, of course).

One of the suggestions made to me was to conversion to an act first aid organ systems during Maine viewed like it helped to bring together basic sciences based on the systems. This was helpful initially for this is the set up of the curriculum. Each week you go through a order-based pathology, pharmacology, etc. FA medium systems breaks it down by embryology, structural plan, physiology, etc. with each respective basic system of knowledge course, and gives you the replete picture. I was able to take care of up with this text for the first 3-4 weeks of the Maine program, mete I started to feel like it was not enough information and only touched on things I would require to know for the boards. The structural plan and embryology sections were helpful, still. Some of the chapters were to a great extent lengthy, and became boring to me rear some time. I was not quick to manage using that book, re-watching Pathoma, and going through the Kaplan videos. So in the room, I stopped using FA organ systems and certain to focus mainly on board readiness material, and hoped that would transform to what I would need to understand for each clinical week. lo’ and behold, it was enough and plenty more. While I felt the part was helpful, I did not conceive there was enough time to protect everything and I wanted to honor my sources limited. At this place, my board preparation materials include the following:

FA 2014 through annotations from Kaplan videos and DIT

Pathoma with accompanying text (on 2x speed; I’ve seen the videos particular times already and annotated the subject)

Kaplan LN for comprehensive review (UMHS critique course to begin shortly)

Kaplan and UWorld QBank

Goljan audio (heard it is coin for boards! about 35 hours, mete I’ll listen to it put ~ 1.5-2x speed to divide down time; at least planning to custom through this 1-2x)

As time gets closer towards when I plan to take the exam, I’ll frontier the material even further to with appearance of truth just FA, Qbanks, and Pathoma. That’s all for now – take care!

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