Drug information and decision support for rational drug treatment

Linda Amundstuen Reppe, Ylva Böttiger and Robert Van der Stichele

The 12th biennial Congress of the European Association conducive to Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics (http://eacpt.eu) was underway in Madrid from 27th to 30th June 2015. Over 500 abstracts were accepted from 66 countries and from quite 5 continents for presentation as e-posters and verbal presentations. the 54 oral presentations were to be preferred for an award for the most excellent talk. 

Listen to Robert Van der Stichele (Belgium), Ylva Böttiger (Sweden) and Linda Amundstuen Reppe (Norway) in discussion with Donald Singer (EACPT) about physic information and decision support for rational put ~s into treatment.

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