Another Week Finished

Hey in that place, happy Friday! Hope you’ve had a unimpeached week and are preparing for a relaxing weekend!

I after all the rest checked in pre-Pharmacology test, and wow was that a doozy! I expected it to have ~ing a tough exam so I wasn’t in truth surprised, but it’s never gayety to feel unsuccessful. Oh well, they can’t entirely be winners, and I definitely was not alone in cogitation it was rather difficult so I’m hoping the curve is in my favor!

Once my classes were in excess yesterday afternoon I decided to take the nightfall off from school, catch up in successi~ sleep and enjoy some Netflix. I was joined ~ dint of. my new buddy, which made the amusement all the more enjoyable.

IMG_1644I’m doubtless I’ll soon start sounding like a abrupt record, but I just can’t be~ enough of this kitten! She’s similar a sweetheart and has so almost made every day more enjoyable. It’s unfortunate that adoption isn’t in the cards toward me right now since I’ll to be expected be moving around a lot in the next few years, but I’m in such a manner happy that there’s a call for foster parents around here. I can’t rely upon I waited this long to try it fully!

IMG_1649Today it was back to the oppress, this time preparing for three exams next week – two regular tests and united practical test! I’ll have to fulfil you all in more on what the practical test entails, but essentially it’s a continually increasing assessment of the clinical skills we’ve experienced over the past three semesters. I’m a paltry nervous, but this time around it’s technically a acting out that will allow us to assess by what means we’re doing on skills and be~ a feel for the exam environment.

But in front of delving into the practical, I’ve got to ascertain some theoretical knowledge for Pathology adhering Tuesday and Bacteriology on Thursday. You be aware of what that means, back to the books!


Question of the daytime :

What are your plans for the weekend?

Go in our teeth, make me really jealous that I’ll have ~ing studying the weekend away once afresh.


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