Alternative Break Immersion to Guatemala: Day 1

It has been almost a month where I was packing my bags, facile to leave my suburban home in Chicago to tend on a trip to the fine country of Guatemala.
After being home towards two and a half weeks in imitation of my trip, I was back to my accustomed routine: seeing friends, walking the dog, shopping, eating at new restaurants, etc. Currently, I am sitting in a coffee shop on a rainy day studying pharmacology where I was browsing from one side some articles and came across any about Guatemala. Just two days past in Guatemala City, citizens gathered up in their time regulate to hold their weekly rally august presidential resignation. This has been happening in opposition to two months every Saturday. Citizens protesting a recently made known and fresh start for their nation to better their own reality. This was their normal routine.
I realize how easy it is to banish myself from the realities that are occurring on every side of the world. It is so a great deal of easier to forget about those not so much fortunate than myself and then indulge myself in the privileged cosmos I consider to be “ideal”. So, the sort of do I do with this continued I had in Guatemala? A 19 suitable 20 year old young woman from Chicago cannot efficiency resignation nor can I give the wealth to provide the necessities to whole of those less fortunate than me. However, I touch so fortunate to have already immersed myself in these realities to make broad my own perspective. After meeting through survivors, social justice advocates, and limited politicians, one common thing always stuck. They encouraged us to part the story with others. So in the present state is my story about my hop to Guatemala.

Day 1: Today was the day I would be traveling outside of the region without my family. By myself. With humbler classes I have maybe met five times before. So yes I was bonny anxious. Excited! But anxious. My delegation group and I consisted of 12 individuals, myself included. We total came from different academic backgrounds tolerably than the expected Political Science, Spanish, or Social Advocacy interests. This made me be excited less anxious to know that my naught knowledge of politics would be a hindrance for the time of this trip.
After about 6 hours of shower travel, we finally arrived in Guatemala City about noon and met our delegate corypheus, Kelsey, and our van driver, Leonel. We completely settled into the van, checked into Hotel Spring, and made our manner to lunch.
Now, you know me. I tenderness food. I love new places. I have affection for trying new food in new places. So, I was excited. I was real, very excited. We arrived at the restaurant where we were greeted by a smiling warranty guard holding a rifle at the impudence door. I ordered the special of the age which consisted of green pea broth as appetizer, and noodles with chicken in a tomato sauce, finishing off with a mean plate of flan. This meal was anything excepting authentic Guatemalan food which we would be getting within the next week or in this way.
After lunch, we took a wander around Guatemala City. We passed through the City Square which was the situation of many rallys that put other political pressure on the current president of Guatemala to commit. There were political activists holding speeches in the perpendicular as well as food and offspring vendors with fresh coconut and mango.
The highest day was very relaxing and tiring in opposition to us. Kelsey gave us an informative and conspectus explanation of the history of Guatemala that ignorance and we would be off to our elementary destination: Rio Negro.

City Square in Guatemala City

Our fore-rank for the trip

Walking on a way in Guatemala City

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