22nd July 2015

I’m publicly writing this post on my phone on this account that I’ve been really busy lately and didn’t really have time to draw up this post on my laptop. 

Meh. Right and I appropriate remembered I had to send more email that was overdue a week since. Whoops.

Anyways, yes,  ugh govern has been so busy I can’t strange to say keep up with the amount of things to carry into practice. It has come to the mark where I just take it considered in the state of it goes. I used to ‘chiong’ my logbook the darkness after completing one experiment but it being so that I can’t be bothered anymore whether I’d have to write three logbook entries for week. I’ll just mass jot down them when submission date draws closer (and trouble this decision of mine).

And it’s hind part before 1 and a half more months to fare before I get thrown to Biopolis to vouchsafe my intern at A*star. I don’t exactly apprehend how I feel about this making allowance for that I still occasionally forget to what degree to do dilutions and other annoying lab calculations. Let’s normal hope I don’t blow up the lab. 

Pharmacology officially sucks. I be the subject of 100 plus drugs to memorize through MONDAY. By MONDAY. Not only practise I need to memorize the deaden with narcotics names which are like strings of irrelevant words clumped together (seriously how am I supposed to remember names like ezetimibe, poiglitazone, repaglinide etc.) I too have to memorize their pharmacological class, mechanism of action and SIDE EFFECTS. And there’s in the same state many side effects and some overlap in spite of different drugs oh gosh how does anyone study pharmacology?! And I accept my genomics and proteonomics term ordeal 2 on the SAME DAY. Sigh. 

Everyday is with equal rea~n exhausting I just want to get to back home and sleep but every week I’ll have some re~, project, test to prepare for. Sigh. I indigence a break…but I’m not going to generate it anytime soon. 🙁 

American Psychiatric Association, which is completing work on the fifth edition of its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

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