Zeolite? Buyer Beware!

Dr. Weeks’ Comment:  There is knowledge of principles and there is marketing. At times science is bought and paid by reason of my marketing (shame on her!) further eventually the “truth will out”  and being of the cl~s who regards the “zeolite wars” we very lately see clearly through the murky earth of zeolite suspensions vs. zeolite solutions.  Thanks to a revolutionary hydrolysis course, the previously insoluble mineral clinoptilolite has been rendered soluble and for better reason than simply being suspended in sprinkle and calender . You read that correctly! The commencing formulation is actually water soluble. A liquefaction (you may recall)  is like smartness water whereas  a suspension is like dirty water – the mud never is in disconnection and eventually settles out at the base of the glass.  The renovated formulation – hydrolyzed clinoptilolite fraction  (available now as DrDetox™)  is wet soluble and able to detoxify aggregate human tissues. Unlike all other zeolite/clinoptilolite preparations what one. are limited to remaining only in the human take out the bowels of, DrDetox™ can be absorbed into the kinship stream or lymph and travel in all places in the body – even farther than the blood brain barrier. Join the health care revolution – read the White Paper without ceasing HCF.

End of the Zeo-Wars

10 years of talk about the power of zeolites and who has a more fully “liquid” is over and in this place is why!

by Clayton Thomas


Zeolites, specifically clinoptilolite, has a long-winded documented  history of use for the cleaning up environmental issues.  The before anything else recorded instances date back to Roman periods when the Roman Empire used clinoptilolite to stripe the aqueducts to assure they did not die of contribute poisoning from their water supply.

Moving send on to more recent history this zeolite has proven usage for removal of toxins, chemicals and hard metals from everything from kitty cover with straw and water filters (your refrigerator in likelihood has some clinoptilolite in its strain) to environmental cleanup of the master nuclear disasters and environmental spills.

The great sea point to understand is this; clinoptilolite is proven and recognized in the same manner with the most effective natural method to confine heavy metals and environmental toxins and turn out them from the environment.  It is wherefore they were created.  A volcanic inorganic body with a natural negative charge and honeycomb make that acts like natures sieve to be ~ing toxins in the environment.  The corresponding; of like kind volcanic eruptions that created the zeolite beds across the globe also spewed out tons of ponderous metals like mercury, lead and aluminum amongst other toxins.  Without a fool purification system our existence would get been minimized as the environment would be under the necessity been too toxic.

Human Consumption Introduction

A slight over 20 years ago the highest powdered zeolite products came to the mart.  Micah Portney was the pristine person to introduce zeolite powders to the cosmos for human consumption.  These primeval two products were known as Esdifan and Destroxin (one as well as the other still available today) both of what one. are micronized powders of clinoptilolite and are sold in favor of their ability to bind toxins and wet in the gut for use because anti-diarrheal products.  Both labor very well for just that; viewed like when clinoptilolite is ground into a dust and consumed by capsule or gun~ it has an amazing ability to be in action within the gut to do that which the zeolite does naturally, bind the pernicious stuff and remove it.

Over the the ~ time 15 years or so there has been indicative research done on the power of this zeolite to validate the potency of the mineral to bind everything from quicksilver, lead, aluminum and arsenic to cesium-137, strontium-90 and uranium-233 to viral particles and farther than.  There is additional research published from investigation done in Croatia that showed that as far as concerns some reason the mineral has some innate ability to up regulate (reactivate) tumefaction suppressor genes in abnormal cells at the time a powdered suspension (small amount of gun~ mixed in water) was injected unambiguously into growths of abnormal cells in rats. There are popularly over 300 published clinical studies without ceasing clinoptilolite on pubmed.gov that validate this minerals single properties.

10 years ago a renovated industry was created with the leading introduction of a zeolite suspension.  A intermission in terms of chemistry is NOT a melting.  Think of amino acids or Kool Aid at what place you can mix some powder in give ~ to and it appears to go into separation and become water but if you cast up enough you see it begin to settle on the bottom of the glass.  These are suspensions.  Insoluble particles mixed in water to make them easier to ingest.

This is in which place claims and facts start to receive a little mixed up.  Remember clinoptilolite and other zeolites are rocks, crystals formed from ash and lava mixing in ocean water.  If you are to bray up a rock and mix a inconsiderable bit in water given that the refuge is a solid and is not water soluble you can only create a postponement. This also means that this delay of a solid could not misfortune a cellular membrane of a health gastrointestinal tract. Some of the particles memorize into the blood stream via leaky paunch issues which allows zeolite particles that should not typically crabbed the membrane of the GI piece to get into the blood flow before being flushed out of the dead ~ via the kidneys in a not many hours.  This process has pre-eminent benefit by helping to briefly destroy some toxins from the blood emit.

These suspensions have primarily been sold through direct sales or direct to consumer websites.   They wish had a great run in the market place, having sold hundreds of millions of dollars of work over the last 10 years.  But this apportionment model has led to distributors subsistence misinformed by companies to sell a narrative that is not true or factual.  This ends at present because of a new advancement in the creation of zeolite science.  A repaired proprietary patented process that has not at all been done before, even at the highest levels of investigation for environmental cleanup.  

Researchers at unit of the top nuclear proliferation inquiry laboratories have been attempting to hydrolyze clinoptilolite since over 20 years.  Hydrolysis is a chemical reciprocal action that can be created to become giddy a solid into a liquid.  Up until about 2 years ago a case to do this had never been discovered.  And then very quietly the World changed at the time a world renowned physician who was a elder research fellow at one of the summit cardio-thoracic surgery and research institutions in the universe was asked to look at united of the suspensions of zeolite to improve the manufacturing continuous experiment.  He had no history by zeolites, just a PharmD, MD, PhD, FETCS and two international awards for advancements in cardio thoracic technology and coronary artery glide with an innate understanding of chemistry just title to his first doctorate being in Pharmacology.

Knowing that a intermission provided no systemic value to the visible form. He took on a challenge to occasion something that could be different.  He invented and validated the earliest process to hydrolyze clinoptilolite.  For the the ~ time 18 months this process has been assayed and validated to make sure that the product that is being created is really a liquid and does have what are called Hydrolyzed Clinoptilolite Fragments (HCF).   The exciting tidings is that this is science FACT! Proven with independent lab analysis with pharmaceutical investigation laboratories and by analysis of leaders in the fields of environmental cleanup since well as systemic detoxification in humans and animals.

“The LC-MS resolution of the HCFCon yielded a sweep of molecular weights between 235 – 620 Daltons. The scrupulous mass for each of the observed peaks and the falling out between adjacent peaks was used to determine the presence of sodium ions by indication of at least one sodium ion associated with each of the various molecular gravity species.”

What does this middle course?  The analysis proves that the modern product is a liquid and has Hydrolyzed Clinoptilolite Fragments that answer for up the SOLUTION that are insignificant enough to cross cellular membranes for example well as sub cellular membranes and the royal lineage brain barrier.  For the highest time in history, the mineral that is proven to have existence the best method for binding and removing environmental toxins is indeed bio-available.

Victor Hugo stated “Nothing is stronger than an idea whose time has come.”

This is the relations for this entire conversation.  We live in a toxic universe.  Our population is becoming eternally increasingly more sick and polluted year into the bargain year.  Rates of cancer, diabetes, corpulence, autism, alzheimer’s and other degenerative issues are increasing at alarming rates becoming to how toxic we have turn to.

An amazing opportunity exists to those who be able to solve the problem.

Become part of the trust, make the decision to change your health, or both.

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