Why do so many asians work in pharmacys?

(Original position by UniMastermindBOSS)
Serious question. I noticed that in penuriously every pharmacy I’ve ever been to (whether it’s easy or part of a supermarket or anything soever) it seems to be entirely risk by asians and hardly ever unblemished people.

Also a lot of asians pretend to enter the field of remedial agent or pharmacology more than other fields, for what cause is this?

There’s a gigantic huge aspect within these cultures that favours studying sciences c~ing humanities. It stems from the exemplar of status- people who are on ~ academic achievers and manage to be turned into Doctors and Engineers are considered to be rich and intelligent, two of the greatest in number valued characteristics within such cultures.

In surpassingly generalising terms, it boils down to workmanship the offspring more desirable for spousals – families will want their sons and daughters to take for husband rich and intelligent people rather than those through “no future or chance for a enduring job”.

It also stems from the creative that the UK will always penury Doctors and Pharmacists because people are evermore ill, so are less likely to racially mark the difference between with job offers than a non-therapeutic based job.

^this by no resources is my own opinion; this is uncorrupt what I’ve gathered from nation I’ve spoken to about it.

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