Which books do I study from while in second year MBBS?


One of my readers asked to inscribe a books recommendation posts for abet year and here it is!
This put in the ledger is mainly for Indian medical students inasmuch as I’ll be talking about more local authors which might not have ~ing available or preferred in your countrified. But of course, foreign medical students be possible to read it too as they efficiency find the general points helpful! ^__^

Something I learnt from my capital year – You should never be hurried in buying books. Medical textbooks are considerably damn expensive and you don’t wanna exist stuck with a book you put on’t like for the rest of the year.

So hither’s what I recommend – Be “bookless” conducive to the intial few weeks. Don’t corrupt any books. Pretend you’re broke and rely singly on the library.

Ask – Friends, seniors, part sellers, internet about books they determine you should buy. Immediate seniors direction be the best resource – Ask them why you should go for one part and not the other, know their reasons. You should have ~ing able to cut the long wish of 10-12 books and fetch it down to 2-3 books.

In the bookless epoch, go to your library (Or use ebooks), read a few topics (Not reasonable one!) from the two to three books you imagine you should buy. You’ll like one and that’s the book you should know fully for the rest of the year!

Don’t sit in judgment a book by it’s beginning few pages. You have to peruse topics of substance, big topics not the unintellectual ones. Example, don’t read hither and thither Louis Pasteur and see which volume wrote it better. Read about Staphylococcus or ELISA.

Before I break the ice, I’ll be very clear and communicate you that all I can transact is recommend. You do the deciding =)

K. D. Tripathi or KDT: It’s a unblemished book. It’ll stick with you through every part of the year!
How to study: Read classifications in the beginning because you wanna know the mix with ~s names before you start reading into the puny details. If you write a righteous classification table in the beginning of your reply , you impress the reader. Know uncommon side effects of drugs, it gives you ~y upper edge while writing theory papers (No inquirer wants to read nausea and vomitting upper and over again!)

Katzung: Now this book is HUGE. It’s fun to practise ~ing!
How to study: Get it from a library or exercise a PDF. Read the topics you like. I comprehend diuretics from this book and male child I enjoyed it. It’s too much to read so when exams hard upon, you’ll lose the book and trip back to Tripathy. So keep in consideration that this is not THE main division and you won’t be efficient to finish it or come back to it later. Take points and rustic it in your Tripathi in the ~ and foremost read itself.

Pappa Robbins or the distended Robbins: It’s awesome.
How to study: It’s a cyclopean book, so do the “Important” topics from in the present life first. Important? Yeah, the stuff that’s been asked a haphazard of times in the previous papers. Try to observe general pathology, CVS, RS and renal from this book.

Baby Robbins or the small Robbins: It’s worthless.
How to study: Don’t.

Harshmohan: It has lots of diagrams and mark wise notes. You know who likes diagrams and respect wise answers? Teachers.
How to study: Stuff you couldn’t be ~ from Robbins due to lack of time, understand it from here. (Don’t forget the diagrams!)

Ananthanarayan: It’s suitable the right amount of information. If you study this single in kind well, you won’t require in ~ degree other book.
How to study: You wanna discern how an organism looks like and the sort of diseases it causes. Do cultural characteristics moreover. General microbiology – Read the important fudge. If you don’t enjoy immunology though reading it, you’re doing it injustice. It’s my favorite subject! Imagine, interpret comics.

Any book will end: I studied from Arora.
How to study: Diagrams are solution. If you can draw the life circle of time, half your work is done. Diagnosis and usage is simple.

Forensic and Medical Toxicology
I not ever studied this subject from multiple books to pitch upon a personal favorite, sorry! 😐

If you are mind of preparing for USMLE but are not also sure (Because second year is also early to decide your future xD), bring to an end off the Kaplan videos, notes and Goljan audio.

That’s altogether!

Ask me whatever you like in the comments portion below!


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