where has the time gone?!

Time flies. It feels wild not having that anxiety for close exams as they just rolled round for students back on the island. I was talking with a friend of mine and caught myself meditation about block exams, but not having quick palpitations or the sudden anxiety make aggression on of having to know every word. These days during the Maine semester, our schedules are some what busy with the clinical skills lab (in qualification fitting for clinical work), virtual clinic, and lectures. However, that roll is no where in comparison to the Kaplan schedule we recently got! Classes on Saturday and Sunday now and then, or just Sunday, or Monday-Wednesday, etc. It looks set of sporadic, but hey, it’s Step 1 re-survey! What else can I ask since? Before Kaplan starts though, I’ve been dire to make it through the full age of the Kaplan lecture notes that we believed upon registration. So far, I’ve managed to come by through immunology, microbiology, most of pathoma, behavioral, epidemiology, biochemistry, and generally finishing up genetics. Kaplan starts in c~tinuance 3 weeks, and I want to accomplish the rest of pathoma, Kaplan physio and pharmacology. That virtuous leaves pathology and anatomy, but it seems that my basic science pathology professor had a terrible idea of Kaplan Pathology, so I might not go that route and instead focus on FA and practice questions. I’ve and nothing else managed to get through about 500 frequent repetition questions so far, but I’m hoping formerly I get through the rest of what I want to finish, I Can work more questions and not have to re-survey things I couldn’t recall. That’s the whole of for now, take care! questions or comments? be warmed free to message me!

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