When Vet School Sucks

Who’s favorable it’s Friday? I am! Even notwithstanding that I know my weekend will be non-stop studying for my virology discriminative characteristic on Monday, a couple days through no class always feels like a greeting break.

Alright, you’re probably wondering the kind of that title is all about. I’ll preface this post by assuring you that I’m accomplished, and there’s no cause against concern here. I’m also incredibly beholden for the opportunity I have right now to pursue my dreams. However, vet admonish is not all puppies and kittens, and I not long ago come across a video from the strange Andrea Tooley, (an MD in Minnesota) that speaks hither and thither why medical school kind of sucks, and I deem a lot of her points push forward right over to veterinary school.

The biggest being that resonated with me from her video is the event that the first couple years of as well-as; not only-but also; not only-but; not alone-but medical and veterinary school are whole about hyperintense classroom learning. I carry into practice not doubt the importance of altogether the stuff we’re learning in classes like structural details, physiology, parasitology, pharmacology, etc. but the circumstance of the matter is that it’s a doom of information to cram into your head in a condensed timeframe.

There have definitely been moments subsequently to I began my vet school expedition that I questioned my choice, wondered on the supposition that the overwhelming stress and negativity are really worth it. I’m writing this not for I’m actually looking for a active life change, but because I believe it’s a moving that a lot of veterinary students be seized of, and it never gets talked encircling!

I now understand why the appliance process for vet school is in the way that rigorous, because you have to wish for it with everything you’ve got. Amidst the overwhelming workload, the occasional (or to a greater degree than occasional!) bad test grade, the loyal stress that makes every person you float out with grumpy on a daily basis, you still have to inadequacy those three little letters at the end of your designate. And that’s not easy!

Some of the things that adhere to me going every day are emails through fun and interesting clinical cases from my dad, stopping to have a “chat” by the baby cows on my distance home from school, lots of yoga and reflection, and the belief that even granting these years of hard work direction allow me to have a fulfilling move rapidly that I love.

If you’re a vet scholar or professional, I would love to talk lightly and unceremoniously about both the good times and the unwholesome when it comes to vet med. Leave me a remark below!

And whoever you are, and the whole that you do for living, remember to exist gentle with yourself. It’s not straitened to put too much pressure forward ourselves and forget that self-care is important.


Thanks for hearing me out steady this one folks, I hope you esteem a great weekend!


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