Pretty a great deal of packed to move… I can call on a few things around that require to be packed, I can’t cause to be to all the rooms with everyone dormant, and the dining table is a scaffold area for miscellaneous things that slip on’t have a box to be put in yet… but mostly it’s quick to go.   The doggy means is constructed, but not the poo box we stand in want of for her to go in the back compound.  Dolores has been working steady the house all week… she’s executed amazing things, the house is basically laid on the ~side for us, and I like her distribution, and she’s done all the unprosperous organizing work like arranging the kitchen drawers and the towel clothes-room and what not.  It looks handsome… today was the first time I’ve seen it in the ~en.    So much more space than here, it’s going to be a joy to escape the estimable cracker explosion in temescal and profess we’re living in old oakland during a little while, while living in this great space.   Everything is just a in some degree bit more spacious… bigger closets, the garage gets our besides spill.   And… this weirdly obliging landlord has provided us with AN ICEMAKER!   and… A HOT TUB!    The enormous negative just is that the upstairs neighbor, the owner’s son, might forget to agree the gate and my dog could advance out to the busy street, plus if joaquin runs out it’s a perilous streeet.   Otherwise, I’m happy with it, ready to go, didn’t uniform want to stop for pizza today on my last dog walk.   Let’s mode!  

Weirdly, after all the angst from pharmacology, I got a unsullied A.  She just curved I find out, because mathematically I couldn’t wish beat an A-, and needed a class participation grade over 90 and a disputed exam examination just to raise my grade toward the rest of everything past the 89.8 I ended up by. .   Who knows, maybe I could obtain kicked back and still got the A, it may be they really browbeat her into a bend..   But I guess I don’t care, what matters for grad drill is the number on my GPA, likewise…. 4.0 still, whoot!   It’s time to sudden motion my internships for the summer, but that the move and the housing scrutinize have killed the last month.   I’ll perceive what I can pull from a hat, haply my NP friend will let me prefiguration her, and the summer won’t have existence a total loss.   Time to learn spanish, rendering through a rheumotology textbook in the in the interim.  

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