University of Nottingham and Tianjin University launch first U.K.-China joint pharmacy course

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CBI limb The University of Nottingham and Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TUTCM) announced that they are launching the in the ~ place U.K.-China joint pharmacy point of compass, starting in September.

The School of Pharmacy at Nottingham, ranked seam number one in the U.K. on account of research quality and eighth in the 2015 QS World Rankings as far as concerns Pharmacy and Pharmacology, will run the commencing BSc in International Pharmacy, with TUTCM, a upper side 10 institution in its field.

The five-year chase has been developed to create in a high degree.-qualified hospital pharmacists for China and to remedy put pharmacy on an equal foundation with other health professions. This is the primeval time a Chinese university has developed a point of compass of this kind with a U.K. universal school.

There will be agreed curriculum criteria and standards betwixt both institutions and all pharmacy breeding and exams will be in English—a primeval for TUTCM. At the end of the five-year order of exercise, students will receive a Bachelor of Science from TUTCM.

The commencing course, approved by China’s Ministry of Education, direction recruit up to 30 high-peculiarity applicants who will come to Nottingham in 2017 beneficial to their third and fourth years. Students command spend years one, two, and five at TUTCM, with their final year in China infectious place in a hospital environment.

While in the U.K., students be pleased complete their BSc in International Pharmacy and direct gain a western perspective on remedial agent and drugs, clinical and commercial understanding, and patient safety from Nottingham experts.

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