The mystery drug

This stigmatize is on the Pharmacology emoticon courageous I posted ages ago. Here’s the constituent piece to the game so you know what I’m talking about =D

Many mob didn’t get the 5th undivided.
And I agree that the emoticon isn’t verily appropriate!
So I feel fair to bestow a hint 🙂

Hint: The shadow represents the clone of the living body.

Originally, the answer is supposed to exist clonidine (Because I created it, duh! 😛 )

I not at all thought there’d be so multitude alternative possibilities while making that emoticon bewilderment!

Here are alternative answers that made substantial sense:
Famotidine (Family + dinner)
Amantadine (A individual + dining)
Betadine (Dinner for two!)

And oh my deity once someone thought of and tried close for Silvermanodine and came up by “Somantadine” xD

It’s always exciting to give ear about things like this. LOVE in what manner emoticons, left to our imagination, can be interpreted in so many ways.

Lemme discern what you thought the fifth drug was!

That’s all!

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