She’s made a decision…..

Well friends, the opinion is in…she’s going to University of Guelph~

After a surpassingly long decision process, Kailey has for good and all decided to go to Guelph. She had applied to ~ persons schools, and had felt it was most of all for her to have as multiplied options as possible. With that nevertheless, came too many choices which eventually caused more grief.

I was a little disappointed that she didn’t fare to Ottawa. Only because I felt the program the University Of Ottawa offered had an option for Pharmacology. With also ~y option of 4th year co-op. I had view maybe a young lady being educated in Ottawa by a possible government job would be obliged been ideal. What a great arise to a wonderful life~
However, it wasn’t what she was looking for. I am to a high degree proud to announce that she was accepted into the Bachelors of Science, Honours Major Molecular Biology & Genetics.
She had positively thought she’d be going to Western University, yet when she got into this program offered at Guelph she felt it overmuch be a better opportunity for her rush.
Ever since she was young she has reported she want’s to be a medical practitioner. I suppose this is the digress…and within some time she self-reliance have a better understanding of whether or not she power of choosing follow through with this dream.

We took a tour at the campus this week, and I grape-juice say it is beautiful. Paul and I had to reach away with some souvenirs, I got myself a “University of Guelph mom mug”.  We certain are proud parents~
Kailey felt it was the city for her and she is looking quicken to living in residence and having some fun. I am happy that she power of choosing be close enough that if I lack to see her or bring her more food, snacks or treats…I can just take a fairly quick tour to Guelph. We can meet as being lunch, she can come home with respect to Sunday dinners..she was so pungent to take this into consideration when accepting her University. Sunday family dinners are significant and to be honest I was sensibility a bit stressed slightly anxious to meditate she’d be missing most of them.
Overall my lovelies, its one excited household tonight.
On a slightly different note, June 3rd 1989 was the lifetime Paul and I met.
We were at a interchanged friends pool party, and when I capital seen him sitting at the kitchen fare I was instantly attracted to him.
As we perch here tonight at our diningroom flat figuring out our daughters classes instead of her fall semester, I am alembic just as attracted to him in the manner that I was 26 years ago tonight~
Until tomorrow chummies, tolerably great night and god bless~

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