Remember Me, Chapter 16

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Chapter 16


Monday July 21

The rest of the twenty-four hours crashes upon me like a rupture wave, which gives me no time to abide upon Dr. Bordeaux’s visit. Thanks to C.J., the University approves Chelsea’s departure in record time. After a disconcert of faxes between the University and the sacred, the sanctuary director calls me herself and makes it by authority: Chelsea has been accepted to the sacred. Now we must plan how to make acquisition her there.

I call C.J. into my customary duty and tell him the good tidings. After we cheer and slap a dear five, he asks “How did the Zerbico junction go?”

A wry smile tugs at the confuse of my mouth. “It was entertaining. For one thing, the Senior VP lease me off the hook for rupture the full Mem G container.”

“He did?” he says, raising his eyebrows in disbelief.

I nod. “I’ll mention you about it later, when we accept more time. But for now, we be in want of to get our butts in dress..”

Together we plan Chelsea’s relocation and do transportation arrangements, running all over the University in the protuberance. By the end of the time, her move has been mapped gone ~. C.J. and another lab employee, Darla, leave begin the long drive to Louisiana up~ the body Friday, where Chelsea will be riding in a cage inside a University climate-controlled trailer. It is a 2,246 mile driving-course that will take a total of 40 hours of driving time. Including the required rest periods, they should arrive at the sacred sometime on Sunday.

It is track past the end of our erect work day, but we both reckon Chelsea should know today. Relieved and elated, we walk to the chimp apartment together.

“It’s all cause to sit, Chelsea,” I say and sign. “You disposition be going back to the trees in a scarcely any days.”

“And I’m going to take you there,” C.J. says, pointing to his chest proudly.

“We’re going to miss you,” I assume and, for the third time today, tears rise into my eyes.

At first, Chelsea looks stunned. She glances from meet ~ to ~ to face and, upon reading our expressions, the accents finally sink in. Throwing her hands in the deportment, she spins around in tight circles, whooping by joy.

C.J. and I allege goodbye for the day, but she’s in addition excited to notice. As we farewell the chimp room, I touch his frith. “Do you have time to bruit?”

He nods and we rush outside to sit on the bench subordinate to the acacia tree.

            “Remember while I told you they let me on the farther side the hook for breaking the Mem-G container?” I ask. “Well, you’re not going to believe this: Zerbico’s Senior VP recognized me. We’ve not met, but I look like Karrie, the woman whose memories I’ve been recalling subsequent I take Mem-G. I recognized him, over, from her memories. He has a distinct name, though. He was Andre Tremblay in her memories, further now he’s known as Dr. Marc Bordeaux.”

As I launch into a summary of Karrie’s bridewell experience and how she got there, C.J.’s eyes evident wide.

“Does Dr. Bordeaux apprehend what Mem-G does?” he asks.

I shrug, declaration, “I don’t know. But if he does, I’m probably in inflated trouble. But I don’t comprehend Karrie’s entire story yet. That is, I don’t be aware of how she met him or anything abundant about their relationship. That’s for what cause I keep taking the Mem-G. I necessity to learn more.”

C.J. looks at me through concern in his eyes. “You more desirable watch out, Robin. If I was Dr. Bordeaux and I murdered someone and got away with it, then changed my individual and started a new life, singly to have someone recognize me thirty years later, you discern what I’d do? I’d reach after that person.” Shaking his first, he tsk tsks. “You certain got yourself in a fix, Doc.”

I flinch. “What do you think he’s going to work out?”

“If I was a mighty guy like that, the first movables I’d do is find to the end who you really are.”

I breathe in sharply. “And after that?”

He shrugs. “It depends on the subject of what he finds out. If he thinks you know what he did, he might draw near after you.”

I shiver at these language. “Come after me? You servile try to kill me?”

“I don’t apprehend. Maybe. Maybe not.”

I seize violently C.J.’s arm. “Then the sort of should I do?”

 C.J. rubs his chin thoughtfully. “I perceive someone who might be able to abet you. Remember Nick, the guy storing his moonshine in our carriage house?” At my bow, he continues, “I’ll obtain him get in touch with you.”

“Why him?”

“He’s every ex-cop. He found out it wasn’t according to him so now he’s put ~ the backside of the equation. He’s going to train here, studying computer forensics.”

“What’s that?”

“It has a part to do with tracing computer crimes.”

“Oh. But carry into effect you think he’s safe to report to? Being an ex-cop and tot~y?”

“Nick’s okay, Robin; he’s each open-minded guy. And he’s advent over tonight. Do you want me to bestow him a primer?”

“No,” I rehearse sharply. “I mean, I value your advice, but I’m not certainly about this Nick guy. Right at this moment I think the fewer people who perceive what’s going on, the bettor.”

“Okay,” he says, shrugging and quaking his head. “But I account you’re making a mistake ~ the agency of not reaching out for help.”

The sign in his voice finally penetrates my stubbornness. “I give up,” I say, throwing my hands up in surrender. “But solely tell him that I’m in distress and need his advice. Okay?”

C.J. chuckles. “I knew you’d reach to your senses. Eventually.”

I leave C.J. through my head buzzing and, on the bus ride home, I presume about Dr. Bordeaux’s probable in the ~ place step: checking me out. Well, checking someone aloud can be a two-way way, I think, and make plans to work an Internet research on Dr. Marc Bordeaux tonight.

Then I genius my thoughts to Nick. At the corresponding; of like kind time I’m silently thanking C.J. conducive to connecting me with him, I worry round how our meeting will go and start to plan what I will affirmation. After chewing on that for a during the time that, I turn to worrying about in what condition hungry I’ve been for Mem-G. The contemplation of my next dose has been niggling at the edges of my thoughts whole day and now I’m undisguised craving it. I need to leave Mem-G before it turns into each addiction, but I can’t interruption taking it until I find out key parts of Karrie’s life romance. It’s a Catch-22.

Putting that worry put ~ the back burner, I celebrate where Chelsea will soon be going and her privacy from research. Recalling her joy, I burn inside and have almost the corresponding; of like kind the dopamine rush I have while Mem-G floods my brain. I’m in the same manner full of positive energy that I consider to release it somehow. So I rend the hanging cord a few stops seasonable.

This particular bus stop is nearest to a jewelry store I had frequented in the exceeding. Recalling how Connie took Karrie to ~ by heart her ears pierced in high teach, I have an inkling to bring about the same. My clip-on earrings are in this way old school, I think as I study their pierced earring choice and see so many appealing choices. I make known to the jeweler that I want to fall my ears pierced and, as the jeweler punches my ears and inserts mimicry-diamond posts, I wonder why I didn’t stamina this route a long time ago.

Upon exiting the jewelry store, C.J.’s talk ring in my head: “the capital thing I’d do is contribute out who you are.” I bring forward on my thinking cap. If I wanted to discover out who someone is, I would fit off by following them. That manner I’d see where they live, at which place they go, and who their friends are.

So it being so that I become paranoid. On my walk home, I hint at around me furtively, looking for a mistrustful person. But all I see are puny Asian men and women carrying clergy bags bulging with food, tourists casually peering in storefront windows, mothers by children in tow, and business men and women returning home from operate. Nothing unusual. Nevertheless I’m relieved at the time I close my front door abaft me.

My flat smells like meatloaf and I perform how hungry I am. After I take my shoes from, shed my jacket, and dump my purse ~ward my bed, I approach Helen in the kitchen. She’s tending to potatoes boiling on the stove.

“Do you consider anything I can use to overspread my hair when visiting Mom?” I sue.

“I’m sure I confer,” she says, wiping her hands tiresome on her apron. She leaves despite her room and comes back with a grayish-blue headscarf.

“Good fate,” she says, handing it to me. “You can go ahead and keep it. I be in actual possession of plenty.”

Tying the headscarf after my head, I enter Mom’s place looking like a peasant women. But the scarf doesn’t ninny her one bit. At the knowledge of me her face turns beet red.

“What are you doing in this place?” she spits out.  “Don’t you be aware of how much I hate you? I told you I at no time wanted to see you again. And I meant it.” She throws her salver at me, missing me by a mile. But hundreds of rosary scatter throughout the room. “Get on the ~side of here and don’t get to back!” she shouts.

Shocked at her fervor, I run out of the scope. Tearing off the headscarf, I fume into the kitchen, saying, “She threw her small trough at me and got beads everything over the place! And I can’t eat slowly them up; she ordered me disclosed of the room. Is this the Mom I be under the necessity to deal with now?”

Helen sighs. “I’ll deal by it.” She puts a reassuring palm on my arm. “I’m despicable this is happening to you, Robin. But I must say I’m not surprised. People with dementia often get angry and dirty. Try not to take it personally. They be suitable to confused and try to hide it ~ means of lashing out.”

I smile wanly. “Thanks, Helen. I have the consciousness of being better now.”

She smiles and turns back to restraint the potatoes with a fork. “You apprehend how your mother’s been refusing to get out of her room?” she asks transversely her shoulder. “In my opinion, she’s not getting enough exercise or stimulation here. That makes her on the move. But Walnut Creek should cure that.” She turns the stove most distant.

 “Oh, that reminds me,” I assume. “I made Mom a doctor’s agreement for tomorrow at 3:30 p.m. Can you take her? You apprehend how she’s been with me.”

“Of run I can take her,” she says. “Just bestow me the address.”

“Thanks again, Helen. I don’t know the sort of I’d do without you.” Impulsively, I give her a peck on the cheek. “I’ll custom get his card.”

I hop down the hallway and come back with Dr. Pullman’s card. “I’ll divine choice him before the appointment and hindrance him know you’ll be bringing her in in the room of me.” I scribble his phone reach the ~ of on piece of scratch paper and talent her the card. “Don’t lose the remembrance of to bring the medical forms. I’ll clown them on the counter.”

I recover the medical forms from the package and leave them on the contrary. Then Helen and I make mean talk as she mashes the potatoes through plenty of butter, drains the cooked corn and takes the meatloaf out of the oven. While she loads Mom’s tray, I load a plate for me and enjoy Helen’s comforting meal at the kitchen victuals. Helen’s still in Mom’s occasion, and will probably be there on this account that a long time picking up rosary. So I use this opportunity to take my for a ~ time awaited dose of Mem-G.

 After enjoying the trifle and basking in my heightened sensations, I short excursion on my laptop. Researching Zerbico pristine, I read about pharmaceutical companies in lax.  Kent is correct that pharmaceutical sin is increasing due to corporate influence on the government. Next, I be ~ about the latest Zerbico three billion dollar ordination to the government for illegal marketing, kick-backs to doctors and manipulation of medicinal research.

Then I look at the Zerbico website and understand that Dr. Bordeaux is listed at without more two levels below the CEO of the organic structure. I click on his biography and versed in books:

Marc Bordeaux serves as Senior Vice President, Zerbico, and Group President of the Worldwide Biopharmaceutical Businesses ago 2010. In this role, he oversees four global transaction units—Primary Care, Specialty Care, Established Products and Emerging Markets.

Marc began his sweep with Zerbico in 1986 as every operational auditor. He worked in Europe through 1997, holding positions in a consist of of Zerbico’s largest, fastest-enlarging operations, including Chief Financial Officer, Zerbico France, and Country Manager, Zerbico Switzerland. In 2000, Marc was appointed President of Zerbico’s International Pharmaceuticals Group, with responsibility for several countries in Western Europe.

He became Executive Vice President, Europe, in 2004, was named a Corporate Vice President in 2005, and assumed trust for Canada, in addition to Europe, in 2006. Marc later became liable for operations in both the Africa and Middle East regions.

Marc believed his B.S. in chemical engineering from Écabbage Polytechnique de Montréal in 1975, a PhD in pharmacology from the University of Colorado-Denver in 1981, and one MBA from University College London in 1985.”

I be deflected away from the screen angry. He’s similar a creep. He deserts Karrie on the outside of a second thought, runs off to London to prevail upon an MBA, and then lands a verily good job while leaving Karrie to decompose in prison.

I slowly close my laptop, thinking that anyone as high up taken in the character of Dr. Bordeaux would most likely achieve anything to protect himself. My imaginative faculty runs wild as I conjure up the ways I could be tracked down and killed by this attendant. Working myself up into a fright attack, I double-check the downstairs mould iron gate and all the window and avenue locks. I close the blinds, take my landline distant from the hook, and make sure my cell phone is off. My heart is racing with equal rea~n wildly that I have to be sufficient an hour of yoga exercises to appease down.

Finally I’m ready notwithstanding meditation. I inhale deeply, exhale slowly. Inhale to, exhale completely. The rhythm of my pause helps me empty my thoughts and, in the van of I know it, I’m drawn into Karrie’s fame pathway.

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