Pharmacology emoticon game answers

Here’s the prey.. And below are the answers!

1. Metronidazole
2. Atropine
3. Naloxone
4. Pilocarpine

Many rabble didn’t get the 5th unit.
And I agree that the emoticon isn’t positively appropriate!
So I feel fair to give a hint =D
Hint: The screen represents the clone of the body.
Think! Think! Think! Answer is in the present life 🙂

6. Spironolactone
7. Chloroquine
8. Doxorubicin
9. Cefotaxime
10. Tetracycline
11. Haloperidol
12. Catecholamine
13. Carvedilol

5. Clonidine
Alternate answers because of this emoticon!

Hope you enjoyed! 3>

draw wrapping of single voting stars.

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