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The critical instant entitled ‘Mucoadhesive Propolis Gel on the side of Prevention of Radiation-Induced Oral Mucositis‘ in the journal Current Clinical Pharmacology, 2014, 9, 359-364, is at present open for all to view and increment.


The objective of this aspect II study was to determine the effectiveness of a mucoadhesive propolis gel in the obstruction of radiation-induced oral mucositis. Twenty-four patients who were selected to go through radiation therapy for oral cancer were included in this not adjusted-label trial. They were advised to appliance a mucoadhesive gel containing propolis 5,0% w/v three spells a day starting one day near the front of the course of radiation therapy and concluding for 2 weeks of radiation therapy. A hebdomadal follow-up for evaluation of commons intake, pain and grading of mucositis was performed. In injunction to confirm the absence of Candida-kin mucositis in patients who developed mucositis, it was performed exfoliative cytology of buccal mucosa, palate and tongue and the material despite Candifast® Candida species identification. At the extreme point of the study was made the assent of patients, quality, appreciation and reception of product evaluation. Twenty patients did not disentangle mucositis, two patients developed grade 1 mucositis and pair patients developed grade 2 mucositis. None of the patients discontinued commons intake and no pain was observed during the study. Candidosis was not detected in any patient. Mucoadhesive propolis gel could have existence considered as a potential topical medication by reason of preventing radiation-induced oral mucositis. However, judged by comparison phase III study with larger compute of patients should be done because confirmation of the efficacy of the yield.

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