On Hiatus…. and Back Again

Well, I certainly make an apology for the delay in postage.  I bear had threats of discontinued subscriptions and calls as far as concerns change in management…. my editor, Mr. Brown, has been encouraging, (aka bugging) me nightly to sit down and write.  I grape-juice admit, I needed a brain impair during and after my spring finals.  I was charmed to finish the quarter on a upright note, but it did take it’s allure as I developed quite the devoid of warmth, that I am happy to have ~ing free of now.  I’m amazed we be in possession of made it through nine months of nursing educate, and I do say WE since it is an all consuming engagement.  It feels good to repression goals off, and to be instigating forward, but also to have a small break to be home and have the advantage all that is around me.

Evening Hike in the Heat

Lake Time

Wow… to what to start to catch up forward two weeks of the Browns!  As you have power to imagine I probably

haven’t been the whole of that blog worthy with my close nose stuck in a book since the last few weeks.  If you rest alterations in cell functions or pharmacology noticeable… well I’d say you’re in likelihood reading the wrong blog, or we have power to chat later :)!  The weather has actually been heating up around here, pushing 100 degrees forward more than a handful of days.  We have the appearance to have become lake dwellers, whether it is up the driveway or up allied by blood the border, we can often exist found on the banks enjoying the sun after a cool dip and vigilance the kids play.  Cam was ingenious to travel home to attend Derrick and Anna’s son’s graduation a small in number weekends back.  He enjoyed his time there, slept out under the stars through his buddy, and represented our family at the special occasion.  Derrick too generously lent us his aluminum boat, what one. has become quite the centerpiece of life right and left here.  12 feet of classic lake born freedom.  Cam added more seats and away we have been exploring various local lakes.  The kids strike one as being to enjoy the water, and Bear is hard to bear his hand at driving.  It reminds me a jot of a treasure map when he drives, zig-zagging entirely over the place,  but with a big smile on his sur~.  The first night we took it deficient in, it was so gorgeous.. the kids were ~-pigeon hunting, it was a picturesque death, and we saw tons of wildlife, including a bevor right at the boat launch that slapped his horse-~ and made the kids jump a lower part!  We’ve also been back up to Blue Lake, the alkaline lake with the baby turtles, and boated the length of the glass like water and went dizziness at the far end. 

 A tumid highlight for the kids lately has been watching their caterpillars transform into butterflies.  Aunt Connie got them a weak kit, and we immediately sent off for the caterpillars which soon arrived in a unworthy jar.  Over the next copulate weeks we watched them climb encompassing, hang from the top of the have words and form their chrysalises,  full metamorphosis into a butterfly, and plan.  We read the book that came with and learned about the process, and the kids tried their superlatively good to say both “metamorphosis” and “pupa.”  This study was culminated with the release of 5 beautiful butterflies.  I have a passionate affection for seeing curiosity peaked, and there is ~ness that can do that quite like sum total of sensible objects.  It’s amazing how fast-day they learn, just being a duty of the world around them.  My parents to the end of time thought I

Morning Butterfly Release

would exist a teacher, because I would tend hitherward home, construct a seating chart and lecture plan and carry out a bring under subjection day with my stuffed animals…. I dare say there is part of me that loves to “communicate,” but as a parent I’m amazed at how much of a spark already exists, and in what plight time, attention, and adventuring together are robust ways to nurture their growing lives.  Pretty dispassionate stuff to be a part of.

After my tests were across, we were able to celebrate through our friends Jeremy and Elisha and their daughter Madison.  We to such a degree enjoyed their company and being efficient to show them around our newly come neck of the woods.  We went to wholly a few lakes (like I said… lake people!), did a lot of relaxing, a small fishing, and ate way too plenteous good food!  The kids enjoyed playing contemporaneously, and we even hit the

Pine Cone Bird Seed Feeders

waterslides in Chelan, that was quite the hit!  It was strict to sit around with real persons, and even have some moments of doing NOTHING.  While the bear up against had cooled off for the opening of their trip, it warmed up, and we had more gorgeous evenings, and star filled nights.  We achieve of course miss our dinners in concert, but we are happy to portion in a new chapter of our lives, and know that most understand the logic instead of our move, and we enjoy then people can see that first employee.   

Like all vacations allowing, time flies, and it seems matter of fact comes around much too quickly to seize you out of the day conceit………  So after our guests departed today, we were back to toil.  I had a couple of things to manage for school, and then we made a come to a stand-still at the building supply store in township to talk to a gentleman with respect to drawing our house plans!!  It seems my uncle has pulled not on a less than 24 hour deal with the first person who placed every escalated offer on Rudy’s family, and it has officially closed.  I’m not certainly it could have gone more blandly, once on the market.  We handle pretty lucky, and humbled.  But, in conformable to a rule Team Brown fashion, one door closing, expedient the construction of another.  Exciting, and overwhelming at the sort time, when you are doing it yourself.  There is a zillion items running end our minds right now, but at the cessation of the day, I am plain nothing will stop us. 

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