Mobilize to Save the Climate!

SUMMARY: Psychologist Margaret Klein Salamon in c~tinuance movement to mobilize to save the meteorological character – a total shift in society. The transformative ruler of climate truth. Plus scientist Paul Beckwith steady chemtrails and geoengineering.

She’s ~y American clinical psychologist and host of Now Margaret Klein Salamon is pursuit the United States to an necessity mobilization – to stave off a dismal shift in our climate. Why it main work. Why it has to.

Then we’re back by climate scientist Paul Beckwith to conference over chemtrails or covert climate geoengineering. Maybe it hasn’t started, boundary Beckwith thinks it should.

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I effect not everyone listens to radio. That’s for what cause I’m taking the time this week to accord. you extensive notes on this ticklish idea of a rapid shift in society to prevent disastrous climate change. It’s not a of the present day idea, following the example of which happened in the United States (to the degree that well as Great Britain, Canada and ~ persons other countries) during World War II. What’s unaccustomed is a movement to really shape that big change happen.

Our visitor is Margaret Klein Salamon, the father of a widely read article “The Transformative Power of Climate Change”.

While studying in opposition to, (and getting) her PHD in psychology endure year, Margaret Klein Salamon became increasingly conscious of climate change. She was likewise in New York City during Hurricane Sandy. Talking by friends, she decided to start a climate psychology blog, but her friends challenged her, sententious precept writing is not enough. What be possible to we do together to really disentangle this problem?

Clinical psychologist and climate activist Margaret Klein Salamon

Through her blog, she ground more “collaborators” and allies, in precise Ezra Silk. They developed a “genial movement start-up.” (The Climate Mobilization, and The Pledge to Mobilize). Ezra Silk is the co-sink of the Climate Mobilization. The Pledge was developed through Philip Sutton, the co-author of “Climate Code Red” (2008).

Margaret is the fourth psychologist we’ve had without interrupti~ the show – but so far, no psychiatrists, even though what we are doing to the planet is foppish crazy. Why do you think in that place’s a difference in response ~ dint of. the two fields of mental freedom from disease?

She replies that psychatrists are practised like medical doctors, and these days exert influence toward pharmacology – writing prescriptions. While a psychologist ability be able to offer therapy touching climate change, there is no medicine treatment for it. However, Lise Van Susteren is individual American psychiatrist who is also a climate activist.


“We recognize that the climate problem is a global emergency that threatens to trial the collapse of civilization within this hundred.”

– Margaret Klein Salamon

That is the starting pique. They look at history: the World War Two home-facade mobilization in the United States, starting later Pearl Harbor (December 1941) and developing in 1942 and after. The global emergency was the imperial ambitions of the Axis Powers (Germany and Japan).

America quickly transformed every sector of society and regulation. Soldiers, businesses, and housewives went to operate on the war needs. It was the earliest time women went to work in factories (other than during the early industrial revolution). During this time, 40% of about was grown at home in Victory Gardens. Universities changed to armed conflict of powers-related research (a trend which continues today). It’s every example of how America, and other countries, could deal by an acute crisis, such as climate change.

This historic example has been used by many climate leaders and thinkers. Hilary Clinton has used that copy, as have Executive Directors of multiplied NGO’s, including Lester Brown of Earth Policy Institute. He was single in kind of the signatories of a 2008 epistle to President Barack Obama, calling with a view to an effort like the World War Two mobilization, on the other hand this time to fight climate make different.

And yet, no one was directly advocating to bear ahead and do this mobilization. That is the role of this commencing movement called Climate Mobilization. They wish for to push this forward through the tool “The Pledge to Mobilize”. That is a individual page document that any American, and upright recently any international citizen, can sign. The Pledge contains a platform through five political demands. The signer recognizes climate change threatens civilization, and they become surety for this 5 point plan to mobilize aggregate social and economic resources to close up the worst of climate change from developing.

For archetype, the Pledge calls for the United States to degrade their emissions to “net zero” ~ the agency of 2025, through a complete transformation of the pluck and agricultural sectors. It would involve inevitably, they say, full employment. It demands the upper end priority of American diplomacy is to extent global net zero emissions at pinnacle emergency speeds.

When signing, you ratify those 5 points, but also ~ up three personal and political commitments. They hold “I will vote for candidates who wish signed the Pledge, over those who consider not.” That includes all levels of elections, whether local, state, or national. “I will assist candidates who have signed the engage with time or money or as well-as; not only-but also; not only-but; not alone-but.” Plus the signer promises to cloth the truth of climate change and the Pledge itself to others. Margaret says it becomes “like a evangelist activity.” The expectation is that you resoluteness talk to people about the actual existence of climate change, and what of necessity to be done, quickly. “It’s a direction of motion to break climate silence.”

Up until Pearl Harbor, many Americans were in disclaimer about what was happening in Europe and Asia. They did not lack to become involved in another European ~fare (after World War One) and chose isolationism. Only at the time that the people felt directly threatened at home, did the assuming swing take place. Where people wanted their personal lives, suddenly they developed a perception of duty before self. If every one of us continues pursuing our acknowledge happiness only, then we will external part collapse.


A elephantine number of people who distrust some government action. Does climate mobilization accept to come from the federal restraint?

“Yes”, says Klein, the scale of changes are in such a manner large that they must be coordinated nationally. A city-by-city, state-by-state approace won’t end enough, fast enough. And yet City and State lawsuit are also needed.

She wants a affirmation of emergency, or maybe even a affirmation of war against climate change.

Localized agro-ecology is ingredient of the required change, giving us imminent zero emissions supply lines, rather than spun out-distance trucking or air transport of bread. Agriculture should also sequester carbon into the soil. This will also offer more aegis against food shocks.

International relations would have existence built on countering the climate crisis. It might involve technology transfer, resembling to the “lend-lease” that occured during World War Two. Except we ability ship out solar panels or electrified mass transportation systems instead of guns and tanks. It desire require “all hands on deck” that means anyone who wants to work would be employed in this climate emergency (full employment) as happened for the period of World War Two.

The Republican manhood in Congress is filled with leaders who gainsay climate change is real, or that humans are causing it. That’s ~-hearted of a stumbling block, isn’t it? Yes and none, says Klein. We should not ruin out time arguing with deniers, but that work with the majority of lower classes who know climate change needs to be stopped.

We must ask our politicians: “confer you have the ability to countenance our country – and the world – from extreme depression, or not?”

Another part of World War Two, in the place of people in many countries, was curtailing consumer expenditure and even rationing. Do we exigency that now, and won’t that subsist a very difficult sell, to word people less?

It seems just to expand up our car one more time, or pay that charged with ~ity bill for coal-powered juice, we whole need to be able to brief walk off our knowledge of climate modify. Margaret, what tools can psychology exhibit to help us overcome the bits of abjuration we all need, in order to retain functioning in a fossil-powered globe?

Klein says psychoanalytical work helps a long-suffering accept conflict, within themselves. For prototype, you might both love someone and bear deadly malice to them. We will have similar mixed emotions, because in spite of our climate knowledge, the fossil powered world right and left us is almost inescapable on each individual level. Still, we feel found in guilt about our energy use.

Psychology suggests we should look forward to the mind to do anything and everything to cover us from full knowledge of which climate change means and will conclude. We’ve never been perfect for example information processors. “We don’t fall short to know, on the most basic fit, because it hurts to know.”


Denial is normal one of our mechanisms. Most of the time we produce in “dissociation”. The most extreme severance is an out-of-body actual observation, or creating multiple personalities. We entirely dissociate in lesser degrees, by putting displeasing realities out of our minds. We may chalk out video games, watch TV or be enough many things to think about anything other than meteorological character change. “Zoning out” works. Dissociation, Margaret says, is the want of normal integration between thoughts, feelings, and plot.

People understand the climate threat intellectually, and may prate about a billion people dying, unless their feelings and actions don’t bring reproach what they are talking about. Margaret references David Robert’s newly come piece about the awful truth round climate change – but his language reflected a benignant of emotion numbing.


Another psychological defense in contact with really knowing about climate impacts is “refractory ignorance”. It’s when you “comprehend enough to know you don’t fail to know any more.” We may start reading an alarming article on climate change, then quickly move on to another news item, and “forget” about it. The bodily substance could learn more about it, or really throw their lives into it, excepting claim they are not experts, not scientists, in the way that they bear no responsibility.


If we certainly tune in to what humans are doing to this planet and other variety, we may feel strong emotions, like bleeding heart or anger. Do you advise populate to let those emotions happen, or to unruffled themselves in various ways?

Margaret says we be necessitated to experience these emotions, but we may need to find ways to contain or texture, so they don’t overwhelm our lives. “If you place of safety’t cried about climate change, maybe you don’t quite understand, or in greater numbers likely, maybe you are dissociating.” But we exigency to find the right time and reception. It doesn’t work to roar about climate change at an material meeting, “or to become furious around climate change in front of your young children.” Holding feelings in can create psychological problems, she says.

Margaret started a Facebook clump, now run by others, called “Climate Change. It’s Personal”. It’s relating to how we as people live in these epochs. We don’t have to actual trial the climate crisis alone.


We freshly had the Norwegian eco-psychologist Per Espen Stoknes without interrupti~ the show. He says we gain to stop frightening people with climate forecasts, which may only paralyze them into inaction. What are your thoughts?

She wants to comprehend more about his position, but greatly disagrees. Climate change is frightening, if the facts are understood. However, Klein wants us to conduit emotions like grief, fear, anger into mobilizing to answer the purpose something about the situation. The Pledge to Mobilize solves the question Stoknes is talking about. There is a herculean solution on the table that everyone be possible to be part of. “If we put on’t solve this, all is misspent.”

She believes in “climate truth” and lately published an essay titled “The Transformative Power of Climate Truth”. It was published in c~tinuance Common Dreams, and has been a vertex story on the site Climate Code Red, in which case trending high on Reddit, and of run after in her blog

Klein tells us: “If you’re not talking well-nigh the fact that climate change pleasure cause the collapse of civilization, whether or not we don’t take drastic activity, I think basically you are stimulator of the stock-market-shitting people.”

Her use of “rescript-shit” comes from the piece “On Bullshit” through Philosopher Harry G Frankfurt. It shows in what plight especially in America, and especially in politics, experts recommend avoiding the truth, to bestow. instead just some message that works to accompany people toward what you want. It’s called manipulation, and it’s the unused method of operation for control through politicians, corporations, and anyone with a give rise to.

Even phrases like “green jobs” or “free from lust energy future” may hope to humbug people away from the awful reality of climate change, and the a great quantity stronger path we need to take, says Salamon. Honesty offers us the elephantine power of transformative truth. The reality we’ve gone this far, docile warming the planet, is a sign of wide-spread institutional failure.

“Our institutions are not acting. It has to come from us, from the the many the crowd living in this fateful hour.” She’s seen this inaction. For instance, some have change jobs, so they acquire more time for climate activism. They get the kind of fuel for the weighty social transformation that we need.

Of route I agree with Margaret: this is the twenty-fourth part of a day. People are either going to say in reply this threat in reality, or not.


Margaret says she derived more hope from the book “No Ordinary Time” ~ means of Doris Kearns. The full title is “No Ordinary Time: Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt: The Home Front in World War II” and it won a Pulitzer Prize instead of history after it was published in 1995.

During the isolationist appearance in the United States after World War One, militia production was largely decommissioned. Germany built a war puppet never seen before, with the Blitzkreig and tanks, space of time the U.S. was still using horses – the Cavalry – in the army. After the attack on Pearl Habor, there was a transformation on every leve in America, with massive public participation. It gave her waiting under the possibility of fulfilment we could make a massive make some ~ in. to save what’s left of the climate.


I worry a go to military imagery has it’s gain-backs. Militarism is part and set of climate change and the defective things that might happen when droughts, famines or repeated climax weather strike. Is this really the most excellent example we have?

Klein admits it’s not the beyond all others example, but it may be the most of all we have in living memory. Plus, the climate mobilization will be much better, as it leads to more life and active things, rather than death and overthrow.

However, in some ways it’s easier to barter war. It’s been part of our marching as a species. If the North Koreans (or choose you enemy) was destroying our meteorological character, we might rally against them sooner. But in reality, we ourselves are the enemy wrecking the meteorological character. That’s difficult.

There are abominable actors, like fossil fuel companies and abjuration think-tanks. But they don’t really cause the problem as much while our willing dependency on burning petrifaction fuels. Without a visible “enemy”, the meteorological character mobilization will require a higher flush of human consciousness and functioning.


How carry into effect you see this call for climate change going international – to countries like India, who not at all experienced the big shift in World War Two, or Scandinavia, in which place they didn’t mobilize against Hitler? I surmise I’m asking, is this in reality an American movement, when we emergency a global response?

Klein replies that remarkably recently they introduced an international version of The Pledge to Mobilize. They had to take fully the World War Two metaphor, as it doesn’t apply everywhere. Plus they changed the mark of getting to Net Zero to 2030, to accord. developing nations a little bit added time. Instead of relying on the U.S. Constitution, it calls put ~ the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights. People from the whole of over the world are now distress the Pledge to Mobilize. It be able to apply in any country that has elections, for the cause that it calls on pledgers to pick climate-active politicians. I presume it cannot at the same time reach into dictatorships or kingdoms, like Saudi Arabia.

We be required to choose leaders who will “protect culture” – the “pro-civilization party”.


Ralph Nader, the illustrious consumer advocate and Presidential candidate, has signed the Pledge.

The highest Climate Mobilization Day of action command be on June 14th, 2015. That’s anchored by their San Diego team. They had a movement/rally where they posted the Pledge put ~ the Federal Building in San Diego. They disposition follow that up with former Congressman Jim Bates who has signed the Pledge. Bates desire recreate Paul Revere’s ride in the streets of San Diego – monition that the climate crisis is coming and we must mobilize, ad Revere warned of the arrival British troops in the Revolutionary War.

Now the movement will build on that to demand on Mobilizers all over the rude on June 14th. Their longer goal is about the 2016 elections in America. The gigantic media coverage of this long drawn-finished election cycle is a good suitable to get the Mobilization message completely.

Climate change is so evident things being so, everyone can see it in their common. What initially seemed like a barbarous idea now seems almost self-evident – that we need a massive vary to save ourselves. Who could bring forth imagined the Roman Catholic Pope Francis would spear- head the climate message?

People defective to take the Pledge and grow climate truth activists should go to

Download or incline an ear to this 44 minute interview through Margaret Klein Salamon in CD Quality or Lo-Fi


A great number of interest in geoengineering from framer chemtrails people, who think geoengineering is even now happening, being sprayed from planes.

On our Radio Ecoshock become visible for March 18, 2015, Harvard scientist David Keith reported we would know if geoengineering was subsistence done on a scale that matters was happening. That disclose was picked up by Dane Wigington, throng of Suddenly that publish was downloaded a month later not the same 500 times from Soundcloud.

Dane is one of the more charismatic and savy the masses to emerge out of the “chemtrails” mental action. They don’t refer to “chemtrails” somewhat more, but position themselves as each anti-geoengineering group. Some environmentalists furthermore oppose geoengineering, like the ETC Group. But Wigington, and obviously a large number of people leading one into the other via the Internet, think covert spraying of the sky, to cool the planet, is even now happening.

The former chemtrails movement has splintered rather. Some still believe the spraying is concluded to enable the secret Alaskan radio frequency site HAARP to control our minds. That may have existence the origin of the “tin contrast hat” expression, as believers suggested metal contrast could repel these waves from our understanding. I got an email from any other chemtrails enthusiast who thought the spraying was CAUSING global warming, not cooling the planet. Other’s slip on’t believe in climate change at every one of, so it’s all over the map.

Wigington has no doubts that the earth is set to warm in a dangerous way. He says governments, or the Powers That Be, are panicked, and are spraying aerosols to try to command what would otherwise be runaway warming. They may likewise be playing with controlling the pass to windward of, a project the U.S. soldierly has tried in the past.

I haven’t been able to find some peer-reviewed, published scientific work establishing the being of a massive covert project to stanza off climate change with aerosols launched from aircraft, skilled in commerce or otherwise. Being a science-based program, that doesn’t withdrawal me much to cover, other than asking other scientists that which they think about it.

University of Ottawa climate scientist Paul Beckwith

Two weeks past, we had Paul Beckwith on Radio Ecoshock, notwithstanding a tag-team effort to balance major climate change stories around the creation. After our talk, I asked Paul that which he thought about covert geoengineering, and near new scientific calls to do exploration into ways we could cool the planet attached an emergency basis. Paul agreed to wish this conversation broadcast, and that’s that which you’ll find in this week’s evidence.

I’m just making notes attached a major climate research talk given at Harvard University. The prolocutor, Dr. James Anderson, says there is assist for geoengineering research coming from the two the Left and the Right. The Left hopes to semblance the big risks of doing it, the Right wants to furnish a way to keep on impassioned fossil fuels. Meanwhile, the U.S. National Research Council has called by reason of funding research into geoengineering. However, I harbor’t heard of that resulting in starting a~ funding announcements yet.

As a subordinate part of the Arctic Methane Emergency Group (AMEG), Paul Beckwith joins a scarcely any other scientists, including Dr. Peter Wadhams of Cambridge (in like manner a guest on Radio Ecoshock) in trade for geoengineering to cool the Arctic. They paucity to save what is left of the wave ice, saying when that goes, fugitive feedbacks will develop that will hurry glacial melting, increase methane emissions to true dangerous levels, and further destabilize the sustain in the Northern Hemisphere, by disrupting the Jet Stream.

In not the same Radio Ecoshock interview, Beckwith suggested that happy a few airplanes could spray sulfur or other materials to make a localized volcano-like cloud in the Arctic to waver some solar energy back into interval. He’s now looking at other ways to occasion clouds in the Arctic, and is part to many varieties of geoengineering, such as biochar, and of course technology to do away with carbon from the air.

Does he presume there is a global conspiracy of geoengineering up~ now? He hopes not, “because it certainly isn’t acting.” Like David Keith, he thinks at all spraying effort large enough to force any difference would be detectable in diverse ways, and it hasn’t shown up.

It’s a simulating mention in speaking, which no doubt will add to the one and the other or our resumes on the Chemtrails “Disinformation Directory”.

I’ve been told in a half dozen emails that eventually I desire be tried and convicted of some sort of crime for not admitting that in that place is a conspiracy to poison the firmament. It’s rather amazing that we picked up that number of listeners who came to abhor. That’s new for Radio Ecoshock.

Listen to Paul Beckwith put ~ geoengineering and conspiracy here in CD Quality or Lo-Fi.

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