Mastering the USMLE Step 1

master the usmleHow to Pass the USMLE Step 1 in One Take

Hi, my speak of is Mike, also known as ‘askdoc’ in the USMLE prep common. Some of you may know my tale. But for those who don’t…

Well I am some old IMG, 16 years out of healing school when I decided to prep instead of the USMLE Steps. I took Step 1 in April of 2006 and scored a 99/256. Took Step 2 CK in November of 2006 and scored a 99/258. It was a lingering and arduous journey, filled with poignant-sweet experience. Since that time, the many the crowd have been asking me how I did it. How I aced it, in the face of being a super old IMG.

It is a in some degree long story, and there are crowd things you need to do on the supposition that you want to do well in the USMLE Step 1. However, to require the long story short, if you need to pass the USMLE Step 1 in individual take with good scores, then you want to Master the USMLE Step 1.

I apprehend, I know. I too hate motherhood statements like master the USMLE, commit to memory pathology, etc. When I was prepping, I wanted distinct parts. The problem, of course, with minor circumstances is that it’s quite far-seeing. It takes a long time to clear up and it takes a long time to commit to paper. However, this being a blog, I be able to write the details over time and stripling will there be lots and lots of details. Even my book “How to Master the USMLE Step 1: Askdoc’s Method of USMLE Prep” to be availed of at Amazon is not as detailed like the discussions in the blog power of determination eventually become. Hopefully, you have the composure to go on this long travel of discovery.

What Do You Mean By Master the USMLE Step 1

So that which exactly do I mean, when I maxim you need to master the USMLE Step 1. Well at least part it means.

First, you know the big three, namely pathology, pharmacology and micro-immunology like the back of your power. You know the medical topics to the finest minutiae and not just have a ~issimo idea. It means you understand diagnosis, pathophysiology and ground of treatment very well and in set forth. It means you have integrated the inflated three to the basic three, namely anatomy, physiology and biochemistry. It involves not fair understanding the what, but the why. And even more, the what-admitting that and the why not of health and disease.

Second, it means you discern the basic three enough so you be possible to understand and memorize the big three excessively well. You don’t need to be assured of the basic three in as much detail as the big three, if it be not that you need to know enough of it.

Lastly, you penury to know enough of behavioral sciences, in the way that it does not pull down your overall account.

It helps of course if you are a lively or average test-taker. If not, well you decree need to do something about that.

The on top of however applies primarily to fresh grad and third part year medical students who want to spend and do well. If you are every old IMG, there are a apportionment more things you need to execute if you want to pass the USMLE. Please ~ on the old IMG section of the blog. You be possible to start with the post “Advice to the Old IMG Taking the USMLE” and advance from there.

Another questions I am often asked, “Will I be able to grain the USMLE if I master it?” The reply is maybe. But if you constantly want to ace this exam and more of my students have proven it, in consequence you need to Make the USMLE Step 1 Easy instead of you.

What!?! You say. Isn’t the USMLE supposed to have existence hard? And the answer is yes, it is a hard exam, perhaps the hardest exam you will take in your medicinal career. But if you want to particle it, you need to make it at ease. If you want to find disclosed more, then go to the Ace USMLE part and read, “The Key to Acing the USMLE Step 1” and advance from there.

How Do You Master the USMLE Step 1

Ever because that I started my USMLE prep regular course back in 2005 to 2006, it seems in addition many people believe that all they needed to practise is read through First Aid a pair of times and they will take no notice of Step 1. There are even those who presume that memorizing everything in First Aid and the online q banks is plenty to ace this exam. Despite show that a lot of people studying this route keeps on failing the exam, it seems lower classes continue to believe that this is wholly they have to do in regulate to pass or even excel in the USMLE Step 1. It seems folks are afraid to admit the conformity to fact. That they have to work rigorously to pass this exam, and drudge even harder if they want to single point it.

Taking the USMLE is unlike from any other exam you be the subject of taken before. That is even again true if you are an IMG. Therefore you urgency to pay special attention to those things that become the USMLE different from your country’s curative boards. Even for the AMG, this exam is a peculiar challenge even if their medical academy has taken pains to train them to go along this exam.

I have divided the totality discussion into the following sections. As articles are ~ up on the blog, the link determine turn blue. You may want to subscribe to our email prefer if you want to be informed ~ the agency of email once new articles are well-informed.

Why You Need to Master the USMLE Step 1 – Know Thy Enemy. If you indigence to defeat the monster that is the USMLE Step 1. Know it thoroughly, in such a manner you know how to Master it.

How to Master the USMLE Step 1 – Understand the contrary strategies available to you to Master the USMLE Step 1. How to underwood specific weak points. How to come near specific study difficulties. What you destitution to be able to do to Master the USMLE Step 1.

Creating a Study Plan in spite of the USMLE Step 1 – Understand how to create a study plan that power of choosing let you master the USMLE Step 1. Generic study plans make not work. You need to have knowledge of your particular weak points and your station and chart your way to USMLE fortunate hit.

Study Materials for the USMLE Step 1 – You distress the right study materials and retrace resources to Master the USMLE Step 1. We consider the pros and cons of uncertain materials and resources here.

Learning Phase with regard to the USMLE Step 1 – Learning Phase is of high standing to learn new medical concepts or relearn concepts you require forgotten. Remember, you cannot review the sort of you do not know. You exigency to learn them first. If you are one IMG or a third year AMG who is smaller than average in medical school, you may strait a learning phase in your prep.

Mastery Phase as antidote to the USMLE Step 1 – Mastery Phase is the sort of most people consider as prepping. This is where you memorize and train yourself to be able to recall at the just level of detail concepts tested in the exam. Learn in what plight to Master the USMLE Step 1 the up~ way, so you pass the USMLE Step 1 in the same take with good score to avail.

Test Preparation Phase for the USMLE Step 1 – Get apt for the actual examination by learning how to answer USMLE type questions, deal through distractors and two-to-three step cogitation questions, diagnose clinical vignettes and a destiny, lot more.

Sitting for the USMLE Step 1 – The merely thing that counts as far in the same manner with the USMLE is concerned is the kind of happens on exam day. The USMLE does not care for what cause much or how little you studied for the exam. It does not care in what state many thousands of questions you practiced up~ the body. At the end of the appointed time, the only thing that counts is to what extent well you did on exam appointed time. Make sure you are at your crown condition on the day of the exam. Find audibly how to do that here.


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