Life Update

I can’t even begin to express to what degree crazy it is to be classified for the re~on that a senior in college. Part of me feels like society went by way too fast bound the other part, the part that changed majors, predetermined for tests, spent countless hours inscription essays and lab reports, that lot is ready to be done. I terminate have some exciting things happening during my senior year. 

Let me back up.

I enrolled notwithstanding my classes for my Psychology literary in April. Since I transferred, I restrain had a required amount of younger and senior level courses to complete. My original plan was to perfect my BA in Psychology and put for the Biomedical Science DO/PhD program by a focus in Pharmacology to therefore study Neuropharmacology in the future. Well, lease me be completely transparent here, of the healing art school scared me to death. It was affair I had decided on very goad of the moment because 1. I knew I could confer it if I set my mind to it, 2. It interested me, and 3. I would frame money. My heart, however, was in a diverse area. So much uncertainty went with medical school. I would occasionally bruit to my boss about my what may occur hereafter, but it wasn’t until we positively looked at what I still required that I certain to make a bold change.

Since I needed likewise many junior/senior level courses, in that place was a different degree I could engender and head a different direction. Upon operating at UCO, I’ve been dexterous to have opportunities to work instantly with students. I’ve assisted them through very simple tasks, but they are allay able to continue to future steps by the knowledge of what to achieve next and no fear. My superintendent and I sat down and dropped quite of my psychology courses and added novel ones; first one starting the week hinder finals because it was an intersession beat. It freaked me out and made me be warmed extremely calm all at the like time. I had made a conclusion about my future but it was the same with a lot of holes.

Not early after, I applied for an internship in Peer Advisement in successi~ campus. I wrote the cover literal meaning, added the resume, the whole nine yards. I was called in in quest of an interview and it went highly smoothly. Partly because I knew my couple interviewers already. Later that week, rectilinear before Memorial Day weekend, one of my  interviewers came in and uttered that they wanted to hire me. It took everything in my core to sit still and just assert, “Thank you”. In my mind, it was a admission to the communion that I was going toward the rectify career path. 

So now that I’ve declared all of that, let me in truth. explain what is happening. I am acquirement a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership. I am looking into regulate programs and will then look into doctoral programs. So, I’ll uniformly be a Dr. just not the curative kind. I have a better essence of where I’m headed, it’s proper that the path has a assign of different turns to take.

Until next time, 
Holly Joy

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