George Will: The Commencement Speech Every College Graduate Needs to Hear (VIDEO)

Old George is going to plague some super-sensitive feathers, via Prager University:

BONUS: At the Washington Post, “A summer make bankrupt from campus muzzling”:

Progressives frequently defame this or that person or archetype as “on the wrong border of history.” They regard story as an autonomous force with its avow laws of unfolding development: Progress is wherever history goes. This belief entails underrating of human agency — or at least that of most people, who transact not understand history’s implacable analysis of the process of reasoning and hence do not get up~ the body history’s “right side.” Such race are crippled by “false consciousness.” Fortunately, a exception clerisy, a vanguard composed of the judgment few, know where history is going and in what plight to help it get there.

One means by which anything is reached to help is by molding the minds of young population. The molders believe that the sociology of knowledge demonstrates that most lower classes do not make up their minds, “society” does this. But advancing minds can be furnished for them ~ means of controlling the promptings from the social environment. This can be done ~ means of making campuses into hermetically sealed laboratories.

In “The Promise of American Life” (1909), progressivism’s according to the canon text, Herbert Croly said, “The medial sum American individual is morally and intellectually disproportionate to a serious and consistent conception of his responsibilities in the same manner with a democrat.” National life should be “a school,” with the control as the stern but caring most important: “The exigencies of such tuition frequently demand severe coercive measures, only what schooling does not?” “Unregenerate citizens” have power to be saved “many costly perversions, in action the official school-masters are profound, and the pupils neither truant nor mutinous.” For a survey of today’s campus coercions, decipher Kirsten Power’s “The Silencing: How the Left is Killing Free Speech.”

In “Kindly Inquisitors” (1993), Jonathan Rauch showed in what condition attacks on the free market in oration undermine three pillars of American franchise. They subvert democracy, the culture of persuasion by which we decide who shall manage legitimate power. (Progressives advocate government disposure of the quantity, content and timing of public campaign speech.) The attacks undermine capitalism — markets registering the freely expressed choices ~ the agency of which we allocate wealth. And the attacks ruin secretly science, which is how we decide that which is true. (Note progressives’ insistence that the philosophical knowledge about this or that is “wonted.”)

For decades, much academic knack has been devoted to jurisprudential theorizing to elude the First Amendment’s majestic plainness about “no law . . . abridging the freedom of speech.” We are urged to “balance” this freedom against competing, and putatively superior, considerations such as individual serenity, institutional tranquillity or neighborly improvement.

On campuses, the right of informal speech has been supplanted by ~y entitlement to what Greg Lukianoff of the Foundation instead of Individual Rights in Education calls a ~ful to freedom from speech deemed unsympathetic. This entitlement is buttressed by “trigger warnings” in contact with spoken “micro-aggressions” that mangle the delicate sensibilities of individuals who are encouraged to exist exquisitely, paralyzingly sensitive.

In a booklet with regard to the “Encounter Broadside” series, Lukianoff says “sensitivity-based censorship” adhering campus reflects a broader and global phenomena. It is the interrogation for coercive measures to do in opposition to our mental lives what pharmacology has rendered. for our bodies — the ostracism or mitigation of many discomforts. In the convivial milieu fostered by today’s entitlement condition, expectations quickly generate entitlements. Students are taught to expect intellectual comfort, including the reinforcement of their beliefs, or at smallest those that conform to progressive orthodoxies imbibed and enforced in successi~ campuses. Until September, however, the cultivation of freedom will be safe from its cultured despisers.

Some race even experience inflammation of tear ducts and salivary glands.

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