Four Reasons Why Jonah’s Message of Judgment in 40 Days Could Fit Adventism’s Loma Linda

Four Reasons Why Jonah’s Message of Judgment in 40 Days Could Fit Adventism’s Loma Linda

June 19, 2015

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The world is ripe toward judgment and Adventists have a grand judgment message. The world is in a strait, and krisis is the Greek vocable for judgment in the first angel’s communication of Revelation 14:7. The volume of Daniel was recommended by Christ in Matthew 24, and Daniel resource, God is my judge–the part shows how God delivered Daniel and his friends from exit in Daniel 1-6.

“Judgment begins at the commercial establishment of God.” 1Peter 4:17. Adventists credit that’s them, but like Jonah, we’ve been reluctant messengers for our historic messages that the seraph said should be given again, Revelation 10:11.
In defect to warn of God’s common-sense, it could fall on us with equal rea~n the message is still conveyed. This is besides true for our other message from 1844, “The Bridegroom comes!” Failure to have knowledge of how is a setup for surprise in gall of Ellen White’s warning that the lament at midnight is “a unforeseen, unlooked-for calamity.” Christ’s Object Lessons, 412. This isn’t almost the 2nd coming!
God judged Egypt and took Israel to a stipulate, later saying, “I am married to you,” Jer 3:14. Paul said the Exodus is an example ~ the sake of us, “on whom the ends of the nature are come,” 1Cor 10:1,11.
It was too implied in Ellen White’s in conclusion title, but church leader’s didn’t like the word and changed her title from The Captivity and Restoration of Israel to “Prophets & Kings.”
Her denominate was based on a “recent day” promise in Jeremiah 30:3,24: “Lo the days arrive, saith the Lord, that I decree bring again the captivity of my populace, Israel and Judah, and cause them to go to the land that I gave their fathers…latter days.”
That this should contain Adventists is clear from her repeat: “That which God purposed to answer the purpose for the world through Israel, the chosen people, He will finally accomplish through His house of worship on earth today. He has “hindrance out His vineyard unto other husbandmen,” in like manner to His covenant-keeping people, who faithfully “contribute Him the fruits in their seasons.” [Or are we the infecund fig tree with leaves and become cut down, Luke 13:7-9]…and to them faculty of volition be fulfilled all the covenant promises made through Jehovah to His ancient people.” PK 714. The stipulate promises were about that land!Christ’s bridal parable has different imagery: the monarch “burned up their city” in spite of spurning the wedding message, Matthew 22:7. If Loma Linda is ruined, it determine be time to take another look…

Church leaders invited power of ~. Ms. White saw the property in sight and 76 acres, including buildings, since $110,000 was miraculously reduced to $38,000 and divided in single payments. When one payment was what is ~, church leaders had no money to comply with the obligation. They met on the directly date to discuss what seemed one inevitable disaster, when the postman came with a letter a check from Ellen White during the term of the necessary funds!
But her affection was broken when the school to suite gospel medical missionary evangelists was hijacked ~ means of leaders seeking AMA approval to body of attendants doctors and nurses in professional lines. Two men made the hop by train from Loma Linda to St. Helena to strive after her permission in their quest in spite of accreditation. She said, “No.” Months later, they came back through the same mission and she afresh said, “No!” Months later, they came a third time, but she would not meet with them. On returning, they reported, “She did not tell no!”
Ms. White did not want pharmacology taught. She said that “drugs confer not cure disease. It is authentic that they sometimes afford present indemnification, and the patient appears to save as the result of their conversion to an act; this is because nature has equal vital force to expel the noxious influence and to correct the conditions that caused the indisposition. Health is recovered in spite of the medicine. But in most cases the drug only changes the form and locating of the disease.” Ministry of Healing, p 126.
She understood with greater advantage than doctors today that drugs did not direct the true cause of disease and that She had affair better in mind than “cut, burn or poison” using surgery, radiation or drugs with symptomatic relief that be possible to kill you sooner. Leaders chose a path that she said would be in traitorous defection till the Lord comes. Special Testimonies, Series B, 1905. In her seeing of an earthquake at Loma Linda, “It seemed that… Judgment sunlight had come.” Testimonies for the Church, Vol 9, 93,95; Zeph 1 cited, daytime of the Lord

Church leaders abide to invite judgment.
The General Conference trademarked the celebrity Seventh-day Adventist under Neal Wilson, and his inspect to the Hungary resulted in the persecution of 1000+ members who were disfellowshiped whenever they could not conscientiously send their children to tutor on Sabbath or send their young men to hold arms in the military. Wilson failed to profess the appointment of an ambassador to the Vatican ~ dint of. Reagan. In a Pacific Press suit in law Wilson’s position was that the “anti-Roman Catholic viewpoint has at this time been consigned to the historical trash heap so far as the Seventh-generation Adventist Church is concerned. Wilson told an associate that he was a 33rd step Mason. BG Wilkinson discovered a Jesuit education religion at Washington Missionary College and fired him 70 years ago, but that was just the rise of Jesuit infiltration. (A Rivera)
SDAs gave millions to arrange The Great Controversy, but it was changed to The Great Hope that more call The Great Hoax for sarcastic out chapters on Luther, the reformers and popish abuses with no mention of “antichrist” and set in fine print so that most won’t read it. We are reminded of Ellen White’s controversy of leaders in her day, What bear you done with my book? Books could be written on the apostasy that she afore~ would continue till the Lord comes, Special Testimonies, Series B,1905, burned in the GC lowest story as unneeded extra copies, related ~ means of retired custodian, but foretold by Ellen White in her comments forward Jeremiah 36 in SDA BC, vol 4, pg 1159.

The peaceful lining to the cloud over Adventism is “The Bridegroom comes! Go ye confused to meet Him.” Matthew 25:6. A correct understanding of how this applies in quest of church members today has not reached individual in a thousand. Judgment on Adventism in spite of their apostasy from truth begs each understanding of truths that leaders have swept under the rug snce 1888 and which now need consideration in the words immediately preceding of the wedding message. We be able to marry Christ by making covenant and decorous His covenant-keeping people as in PK 714.

Bible covenants were linked through sevens. Abraham gave Abimelech 7 ewes. God gave Israel 7 yearly publication sabbaths. We must give Christ a make a stipulation of 7 topics that are emphasized 7 spells as a mark of end-time fact, much like Revelation is a book of 7’s, showing how God direct keep His covenant. Christ said Elijah be necessitated to come and restore all things.” Matthew 17:11. Topics emphasized 7 spells will do so…

Malachi 4:4,5 has statutes & judgments in the same proportion that context for Elijah. In Ezekiel 20:11-24 their 7-fold emphasis is linked with “sabbaths.” This is an example of other topics that be the subject of a 7-fold emphasis so we have power to be a better bride than Israel worshiping a calf at Sinai. When the earthquake that Ms. White by-word at Loma Linda confirms “Judgment sunshine,” please visit for more information.

July 27, 2015 is the 10th sunlight of the 5th Jewish month, the same date that Solomon’s Temple burned, Jer 52:12 and at what time Herod’s Temple also burned in 70 AD. Calamity steady that date would imply judgment up~ the body the GC corporate control of SDA churches and it would betoken, “The Bridegroom comes! Go ye gone ~ to meet Him.” Please supplicate that God will make it transparent because many are concerned and are asking…

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