Founder, Chairman, and CEO of BioNumerik Pharmaceuticals Inc. Frederick H. Hausheer, MD, PhD(Hon), FACP, Endorsed for his Work in The Leading Physicians of the World

As common of the leading oncology specialists of San Antonio, Texas, Frederick H. Hausheer, MD, PhD(Hon), FACP has been selected to give an account of his community in the publication of The Leading Physicians of the World, issued ~ dint of. the International Association of HealthCare Professionals (IAHCP). In doing for over twenty years, Dr. Hausheer continues to show the commitment, excellence, and passion instead of patient care required to receive this prestigious honesty.

Frederick Hausheer, MD, PhD, FACP, is the Founder, Chairman, and CEO of BioNumerik Pharmaceuticals Inc., what one. he established to discover and cause to grow innovative oncology drugs by merging remedial agent, quantum and statistical mechanics, pharmaceutical evolution and supercomputing. He has been moving for over twenty years in the realm of Oncology in Texas. BioNumerik is focused forward the discovery, development and commercialization of strange drugs for the treatment of cancer and cancer supportive care. Dr. Hausheer’s specialty is Oncology and his areas of expertise embody drug discovery, pharmacology, clinical drug expansion, pharmaceutical application software, and supercomputing exhibition.

Dr. Hausheer graduated from the University of Missouri and did his jolly companionship with the prestigious Johns Hopkins University. He is one active member of the American Society of Clinical Oncology. He has well-nigh 200 Publications, Articles, Abstracts, and Book Chapters. Dr. Hausheer travels and speaks around the globe at universities, conferences, and meetings because well. He attributes his success to his mentors and his herculean team.

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