Failed Pharmacology

0 As I set down in black and white this post I am so in a pet at myself for letting this befall. This semester I did not road pharmacology. Quick rundown.
I took pharmacology online (WORST MISTAKE EVER) up~ campus was way better to bring about! The reason why I did was because I was dropped for some understanding from my Pharmacology when I had it forward campus. I went to go parley to the adviser for him to affix me back in, and it did not confess him to add me or not the same student. He told us he would enroll it online, and we would adhere to an eye out (MY MISTAKE!!). I told him that I was even now worried about that class was not overmuch sure, anyways we kept it.
That was Pharmacology 1 and I was moreover taking Adult Health 1. My train is 8 week programs so it is same fast paced.
From the beginning I could feel that it was going to subsist intense, my dog was diagnosed through cancer and it was a vast despair from that moment. I should be under the necessity known better and dropped.
Well it was a very hard journey bringing her to chemo, pressing necessity vets, until 3 weeks later I had to propose her down because of Aspiration Pneumonia. This was devastating for me, still is.
Did not work well on my exams, these exams were such hard and difficult as much for example I studied. For my final yesterday I closely examined day and night knowing that I had to twenty a 96% to receive a 76 forward my exams. Cumulative chapters (30 chapters) in successi~ my final I busted my push, and scored a 94%.

Not plenty by one question, I failed the system. I emailed the Professor but in the same manner with we all know it is nursing place of education. What killed me the most was that everyone in successi~ campus was just fine, either each A or B. Their final was a hardly any chapters, always were provided with a study have charge of.

The ones who took it online were one and the other border line passing or not passing very few passed. This still was not a judgment to fail, because at the expiration of the day it was my error.

This will put me back 4 months graduation be ~d , instead of 2016, I will proportion 2017.
Pharm 1 is a pre req on this account that Adult Health 2, so I am taking Pharm 1 in September, and waiting till Nov to do Pharm 2 and Adult Health 2 steady campus.

Will me not passing this class affect me for my future studies in the manner that far as getting into a program that has a Master’s? This in fact has been a bad month I not to be found my best friend, and I failed this semester.

For a under which circumstances I threw a pity party only you learn from your mistakes. What have power to I do to help me have ~ing a better student? I was thought of some volunteer days at a hospital, I understand about being a CNA but I am apprehensive this will eventually take time into my studies and I privation to focus 100%. I am definitely going to quick spring reading Pharm as of now, and retouch on Adulth Health.

These withdrawal symptoms rely without interrupti~ the level of addiction and force grow stronger for your first 24 to 2 days.

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